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At Crown Windows we have years of experience in double glazing in Milton Keynes, so much we have branched out to many areas across the UK. Many people have little to no knowledge of the advantages of double glazed windows. We would recommend anyone to install double-glazing as it has many benefits to the home. We have written this blog post to list the many benefits that double-glazing provides, if you have any further question we would love to hear from you, you can call us on 01908 507 778 or email us at or you can fill an online inquiry form and we will get back to you.

What is double-glazing?

Double-glazing consists of two panels of glass between the outer and inner frame with a space between, usually between 0.63 or 0.75 inches, the two panels are designed to reduce loss of heat and noise. We recently published an article: How to choose the right double glazing for your windows which may answer any questions/queries you have regarding double glazing.

Energy cost savings

The airtight structure of double-glazing creates thermal insulation. Double-glazing reduces the flow of incoming and outgoing heat, as a result less energy is used to heat or cool the area, which will lower your energy bills

Reduces damage to furnishings

A double glazed window reduces the amount of sun damage to your furnishings by blocking the amount of UV rays entering the room.

Prevents condensation

Condensation can turn into frost when it hits a warm surface making the room feel cold making you adjust the heat but with double-glazing the air between the two panes of glass will stop this condensation by blocking moisture in cold weather. The prevention of condensation also reduces the damp within the home

Increases your home safety

Because the glass is thicker the glass is harder to break or get into which increases the safety of your home by creating a larger gap from the outside environment

Less noise pollution

Because the window is thicker it clocks outside noise from coming into your home by creating a barrier from the outside

Increases the resale of your home

The installation creates a warmer, quieter environment and this is a good selling point when putting your house on the market