Mr and Mrs Sullivans Completed Orangery

An orangery is usually built out of brick or masonry with floor to ceiling windows. Orangeries are usually explained as a small house extension. Orangeries can be seen as a replacement of a conservatory. Due to this, there are many benefits of an orangery on how they are better than a conservatory, such as;


As the orangery is so spacious and versatile, the orangery can be used in many ways. Popular uses are mainly for practical uses, such as an extension onto your kitchen, extra room for a dining room, living room, a guest room, a home office, or a gym. There are many other uses that are not listed above but the above are just the most common uses. How you use your orangery is all based on person preference and what you decide.


Orangeries can make noticeable changes to your house, including a reduction of sunlight, due to the position of the orangery, reducing the sunlight at certain parts of the day. Also, the glass used in the orangeries reflect the sun light, reducing the risk of overheating, but insulating your orangery during the winter. Making the orangery more substantial than a conservatory because of the orangery being more energy efficient and saving you money on your heating bills in the winter. The orangery can also be tailored to your personal decisions on how you would like your orangery to be positioned, the shape and height of your orangery, also the types of bricks and windows, to match them to your existing windows and bricks.


To expand on the benefits of an orangery, the glass used for the windows in the orangery are self-cleaning, saving you money on window cleaners as an addition. Orangeries are very versatile and spacious, giving your family home more room. Being built to blend into the property as well as another benefit.


Customer review in Milton Keynes

“After previewing another conservatory company, I received an estimate of £50,000 for my orangery to be built which was a lot more than my original budget. I approached Crown to discuss my orangery, I received a reasonable competitive quote, of which I was extremely happy with considering my first quote. Within 6 weeks, my orangery was completed to my specifications and now it is used as a gathering place. Thank you so much to the whole team who helped.”.