GRP Composite Door

At Crown Windows we provide many different services to help make your house a home. One of the services which we offer is door installations. We specifically enjoy advising our customers with picking a front door especially for your home. Your home represents yourself and your personality, therefore we want to match you with one that you will absolutely love.

The doors we have on offer

  • French Doors – Perfect for a summers evening, this type of door is more specifically made for a back door.
  • UPVC Doors- If you have a porch at the front of your house, then this would be the ideal door for you.
  • Patio Doors – Again, perfect for if you have a back door on to decking. They are made out of glass which lets all the natural sunlight in during the day. Creating the illusion that your home looks bigger than what it is.
  • Bi Folding Doors – If you want to create a complete open space between your garden and your kitchen, then Bi Folding Doors would be the ones to go for.
  • GRP Composite Doors – This larger door, will give the sense that the front of your home will look bigger than what it actually is, by the double door effect.
  • But which one if right for you?

    It’s evident that everyone likes their home to be exactly the way they want it, everyone has a design layout in their head which they want to try and portray in real life. At Crown Windows we like to create and design Doors in Aylesbury to suit your taste.
    It completely depends on who you are as a person and what you would like the front of your home to look like. Our team are experts in providing a quality service, and we will also sit down with you and discuss and go through all the different possible options you can go for.