Are you thinking about getting a new conservatory? Or maybe you’re torn between which types of conservatories to go for. At Crown Windows we have got you covered.

In this week’s blog, our team are discussing ‘How to Create Your Conservatory?’ Informing you guys of all the different conservatory types we have, and the process in choosing which one to suit your home.

Conservatory Choosing

Whenever you’re trying to choose a certain design for your home, it can be very difficult. With there being so many different colours and styles these days, you just do not know where to look. Our team at Crown Windows, have listened and appreciated our customer’s needs, to provide them with high quality, practicality and family functioning Conservatories in Milton Keynes.

Let’s give you an example.

Say if a customer came to us a Husband and a Wife. Both of which have three children, and they need a new conservatory because there just simply is not enough room in the home for all of them. This gives us a great insight into their lives and what they specifically need.

What Happens Next?

Once we have been given this information, we can then make an intelligent and fulfilling decision for our customers. We always like to give them more than one option, so they can make the final decision on choosing their Conservatory.

Like our customer’s said, they need more space. In this case, the first type of Conservatory we will offer them is;

1)Combination Conservatory

A mix between ‘Lean-To’ and ‘Victorian’. A great design for creating more space, whilst keeping that modern touch.

The second conservatory type we will then offer would be;

2)Edwardian/Georgian Conservatory

A classic look, but also includes a large area. This is perfect for a family as it is practical and gives them plenty of room.

Now the customer has a choice of two Conservatories to choose from, it then makes it easier for you guys to make your decision.
So, creating your Conservatory does not have to be as bad as what you make it out to be. Knowing why you want it, and what you want it for is always a great first step. If you may need our further assistance with creating your Conservatory, then please feel free to get in contact with us today.