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As a company who has had many years of experience in providing quality window replacements and other home improvement services, we have decided to make this week’s blog on ‘Popular Window Replacements in 2016’

I think we can all agree that the times are moving on swiftly, and there are forever changes with what’s new and what’s popular in today’s homes. We thought we would give our customers an insight on what people are wanting today, to make their home stand out from the crowd.

Window Trends This Year

Our team have collectively come together to create a few ideas, with added research on what the window trends are for 2016. Have a look below to see if there are any which catches your eye.
Starting off with number one…

Who Said You Can’t Have It Too Big?

That’s right, bigger windows are becoming increasingly popular for this year. More people are preferring the wide, outdoor look with large open sized windows in their home.

Here at Crown, we have the perfect windows to help create this look for your home. Our ‘Casement Windows’ are similar to open doors, as they are hinged on one side and they open exactly the same way. This style of window is perfect for creating an open space atmosphere, giving you a lot of light for your home.

Add More Colour to Your home!

The second most popular trend for 2016 we have come up with is, ‘coloured windows’. Nowadays, people want to step away from the traditional stain glass windows, with plain frames and uninteresting styles. They have learnt that adding a little bit of colour, doesn’t hurt anybody.

Our team are able to provide high quality and cost effective PVC-u profiles in a variety of different woods such as; Rosewood and Oak. Which can be finished off with a variety of colour to choose from, from red to cream we can be sure to find you the perfect window.

As High As You Can Go!

As a company we have been providing quality window replacement for many years now. It has become apparent that high windows within a home has become exceedingly popular. This allows chance of light entering the room, giving it a theoretic look to the room being far bigger and spacious.

We have a number of windows we will be much suited to this design, for example our ‘Tilt and Turn’ windows. The modernist look gives of a simplistic and practical style for your home. Not only this, there has been a rise in people investing in Window Coatings for their home, therefore they are knowing that their home windows are being treated and kept in a respectable condition.

The above are just a few examples as to the rise in popular trends for this year, we hope this helps you make your decision into deciding what windows you are going to install into your home.