Why Invest In A Conservatory?

Conservatories are a great addition to your home; they are an extra room added to your home but without going through as much hassle as you would getting a home extension. So what can you use your conservatory for? How can you make your conservatory stand out from the rest? In this article, we’ve written a few different ways to use your conservatory so if you’re looking for some inspiration you have come to the right place.

Living Room

The light let in by a conservatory could be the perfect setting for a bright floral living room. Inevitably families grow and become older, meaning you may need to increase living space and a conservatory is the easiest way to do that.

Conservatories are designed to let in extra light and when teamed with bright decor could be an enjoyable space to spend in the sunny afternoons. Bright floral prints and bright coloured painting with white light sofas create a summery atmosphere or an additional room to laze in on sunny evenings as the sun begins to set.

conservatory living room design

Games Room

Fed up of your son or daughter keeping you awake having their friends stay around at the weekends? Or fed up of the regular mountain of toys left all over the place from your children? Converting your conservatory into a games room is not only beneficial to you but also your children – if you have them.

Acting as a retreat, your conservatory would reduce the amount of noise as there would be opposed to your kids playing in their bedroom right down the hall from yours. Ideal space for a pool table or a tv and games console converting your conservatory into a games room adds more space to carry out activities and hobbies while keeping out of the way.

conservatory gamesroom

Indoor Garden

This one is a bit wild but cool, if you’re a bit of a green thumb, then this one is for you. Conservatories were also created to support and increase the growth rate of plants due to the fact they let in so much light.

An indoor garden is a cool option to transform your conservatory, unique from most peoples houses you are sure to wow guests with your wide selection of plants in your in-home greenhouse.

Kids moved out, or you just have the extra space, why not create yourself your sancturary or start up a new gardening hobby without ever having even to step foot outside.

garden inside conservatory

Tea Room

If you’re a social butterfly this is for you, having your friends round and lunch dates are all regular occurrences. Why not save some money and host your regular meetings in the comfort of your home by dressing up your average conservatory into a restaurant like tea room.

It’s easy to dress up, cake stands and cute china plates. Lacey table cloths and a tea set add to the aroma of a gorgeous cafe tea room. Your house will soon become the newest hotspot amongst you and your friends, hosting a tea party and your regular lunch dates just became a lot easier and practical.

tea cake set

Breakfast Area

Sometimes it feels almost impossible to wake yourself up in the mornings no matter how hard you try, what could be better than enjoying your breakfast in the morning sun? Eating your breakfast in the sun gives you a decent amount of vitamin D which raises your morale and sets you up for your day.

By having a breakfast area in your conservatory you may find it a lot easier to drag yourself out of bed for the day and may be more welcoming to the day you have ahead – unless it’s a weekend, then you can laze in bed as much as you wish.

And let’s be honest who wouldn’t enjoy breakfast in the sun?

breakfast on table


Probably not one of the top choices of many people, I suppose a lot of people don’t want to expand their home just to turn it into an office.

However, a conservatory office (if you work home or spend a vast amount of time working at home) could be rather beneficial. When you’re at work the last thing you want to do is sit in a dingy, dark office depressing yourself anymore. With your conservatory office, you receive a lot of light than you would in any average room, which instantly makes work life a tad more enjoyable.

You can decorate as you please and be as outrageous as you wish, use it as an opportunity to be creative and flourish. Whatever you think looks nice or would feel comfortable is the sort of design you should go for.

home office


This is a popular use of a conservatory. People enjoy this alternative as it makes your kitchen look more modern and bright, everything looks newer and fresh making it an enjoyable place to prepare food.

Collaborate an open plan kitchen with a dining room for another family room that everyone can enjoy, opening the back doors reduces the smell of any food being prepared and also works in favour when the kitchen gets too hot and stuffy due to some heat appliances.

A lot of kitchen conservatory extensions are open planned or have an island situated in the middle of the kitchen, making it perfect to host dinner parties or an evening event without anything being in the way or at risk of being damaged.

kitchen conservatory

Swimming Pool

A bit of an out there suggestion but would complete your home. Windows let light in, and the conservatory build protects the swimming pool from any leaves or other debris that could ruin the water cleanliness.

Your children will love this home extension and can splash for hours, and then only have to run down the hall to wash off and clean up. If you fancy a relaxing dip at night, you can do it in the comfort of your home and your nosy neighbours won’t be able to peak over the fence, so you won’t be having the whole neighbourhood trying to befriend you in time for summer.

indoor swimming pool


Some of the extension ideas we have provided aren’t for everyone, but vast amounts of people convert their conservatories into these rooms and never turn back.

At Crown Milton Keynes we offer a range of different conservatories depending on the one best suited to your house.

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