Conservatories have become a big trend for homes in the most recent years, and nowadays you might find that a lot of the homes you view already have one. Unfortunately, if you’ve just moved into a new home, then you might need to check if you need conservatory roof repairs.

Why Do I Need Conservatory Roof Repairs?

A conservatory is a big investment, so you’re going to want to make sure that it is done correctly. As an extra living space added to your home it needs to be adequately insulated to make it habitable; otherwise, you’re simply wasting money paying for an extension that cannot be used.

In the circumstances of a leaky roof, this can cause both damage to your belongings as well as the exterior of your home while reducing the nice exterior image of your property. In any of these cases, you should get your roof repaired as soon as possible, if you notice any significant leaking then you should inquire about a new roof or roof repairs instantly.

If you do not notice anything overly different but think you might still need roof repairs then not to worry, we’ve devised a list of warning signs that you might need roof repairs to help you make your decision – so keep reading!

A Lot Of Condensation

A lot of condensation present in your conservatory is almost a guaranteed issue with your roof, most likely with the sealant between the uPVC or the glass. If you start to notice an increased amount of condensation, then you should have your conservatory roof checked out by a professional as quickly as possible.

When left condensation can transform into mould, mildew and damp. Not only is this a distinctive eyesore, but mould and mildew can also cause serious health problems when left over a prolonged period. And often flares up people with health issues with the respiratory system – such as asthma and hayfever.

condensation on conservatory window

Unbalanced Temperatures

Although conservatories Bedford can be hard to keep at an optimum temperature at all times, your conservatory should never be too cold to sit in. If you’re noticing that your conservatory is either constantly too hot or too cold, then you could have a problem.

This could mean that you have a leak in the roof that is letting air in, or alternatively, there could be an issue with the sealant either with the uPVC or on your windows. As most conservatories are only single paned, it’s a good idea to invest in double glazing Northampton as an extra insulative layer for your conservatory.

Your Conservatory Looks Worn Out

Conservatories aren’t a high maintenance extensions, of course, they need cleaning internally and externally to keep it in the best condition possible, but other than this it rarely needs extensive maintenance. If you do not clean your conservatory, it can become clogged up with mould, moss and even debris from fallen leaves and dirt.

So to avoid this you can use a hose, or a light power wash setting to make your conservatory look brand new again. If the frames on your conservatory are looking slightly worn out, are cracked or blistered then this is a key sign that you need conservatory repairs as well as a new roof. Cracked or damaged frames covered in dark spots, scum or algae often indicate that there is a more complicated issue within the structure of your conservatory somewhere, so have a professional take a look at this immediately.

mould on conservatory wall

When Your Conservatory Is Leaking Even After Repairs

You might have had leaking issues with your conservatory before and already had the issue repaired, but make sure to keep an eye on this as it isn’t uncommon for the problem to return after a few months.

If you are given the option, most people typically have a new roof installed to resolve all issues for good and to save money in the long run. If you keep paying for singular roof repairs, it’s going to come to a lot more money than a single re-roofing would cost. Another way to avoid this problem would be to use more secure materials for your conservatory roof. Tiled roofs are proven to reduce the likelihood of roof leaking; although they can still leak after extensive wear, they’re easier to repair and leak less excessively as opposed to a polycarbonate roof.

If your conservatory is showing signs of leaking then you should do something about the situation fast, when left the leak will become worse and can ruin the interior of your conservatory and cause water damage.

Sudden Drafts Of Cold Air

Drafts of cold air in your conservatory are also an obvious indication of an insulation issue. If the draft is not coming from your windows or doors, then there is most likely something damaged with the actual structure of your conservatory or your conservatory roof.

A draft can make your conservatory practical uninhabitable – especially within the freezing winter months regardless of how much you turn up your heating. And despite all of this, all of the money you are spending on heating your home is going to be wasted as a drafty room in your home can add on a huge extra pricing to your energy consumption.

This situation often happens from general wear over time, but it can also be the issue of the sealant being fitted improperly so it can be an easily fixed issue.

woman cold on sofa

Repair Your Conservatory Today!

Although you may not want to spend money on repairing your conservatory at this exact moment in time, it’s going to save you money in the long run through heating bills as well as tiny singular repairs here and there. If you are looking for a new conservatory roof, Crown Windows supply and fit state of the art guardian tiled roofs for an affordable price.

Or if drafty doors and windows are causing you issues within your home then look no further, our extensive selection of windows and doors has something for everybody.