Dusting house

We all look forward to the end of March when we can wind our clocks forward and begin enjoying the long, warm evenings and glorious mornings. There is nothing better than waking up to a home filled with sunlight and crisp fresh air, which means its time for one thing, your annual Spring clean!

The thought of being faced with Spring cleaning, for many, is a dreaded task. The tedious filtering through of accumulated Winter clutter and the scrubbing of dust-filled worktops, at first, does appear somewhat unappealing. However, we promise that this doesn’t have to be the case – with our easy to follow guide on how to spring clean your home in 10 steps, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in a sparkling clean home in as little as a day!

Spring Clean Your Home In A Day!

When faced with the task of deep cleaning your entire home, we can almost guarantee the first thought that comes to mind is “but, where do I start?” – And we feel you! While it is understandable that cleaning your property top to bottom can be somewhat overwhelming, it isn’t impossible to complete in a day. Begin with making a structured plan of action by splitting your checklist into smaller parts. If you opt for tackling each room one by one and refusing to move onto the next until you’ve ticked off every to-do, then you are considerably more likely to find success. Never leave rooms half completed, it’ll only multiply the number of time-consuming jobs you’ll have to come back to on a later date!

1. Go Through Old Clothes

We have all been guilty of hoarding old clothing with the intention of wearing them in the future, yet forget our promise until we embark in the following years clear out. While there is nothing wrong with keeping a few timeless statement pieces, it is time to thoroughly clear out all wardrobes, drawers and storage boxes and get donating!

When filtering through your clothing, place items into three categories; keep, store away and donate. Those in the ‘keep’ pile will be going straight back into your wardrobe, anything you’re planning to store away should be bulky Winter items that are now out of season for the year, and lastly, anything you no longer wear but is in good condition can be donated. Local charities are always looking for new donations and many, such as the British Heart Foundation, even provide a free collection service to your home. Opting to donate to charity is a fantastic way to give your clothing a second life while supporting well-deserved causes.

It is imperative to be as honest with yourself as possible during the clear out process; if you cannot remember the last time you wore an item and do not feel eager to incorporate it into your next week’s outfits, then its time to part ways!

Tidying clothing

2. Replace Bedding

Now that the colder nights are behind us, its time to trade in your Winter duvet, flannel sheets and faux fur blankets for lighter alternatives ready for the warmer months. Before packing away your heavier bedding, aim to ensure that they are all washed and dried, it’ll give you one less job to worry about when you get them back out of storage again at the end of the year!

If you’re yet to invest in bedding ready for the Summer months, then not to worry, we suggest purchasing a lightweight Summer duvet with a tog of 3 to 4.5, along with cotton bedsheets. The combination of a low tog duvet and cotton sheets will allow you to snuggle up while staying cool. We love the Summer bedding collection available on Ponden Home!

3. Clean Flooring

Flooring is one of the biggest culprits for building up dust, dirt and debris from the outdoors, which means that it is imperative to ensure that all surfaces undergo a deep clean.

If you are lucky enough to have wooden or tiled flooring as opposed to carpet, then this job will be considerably easier. Begin with removing all loose dust from the floor by either hoovering or sweeping the surface. If you attempt to clean before dusting, the dirt will simply spread across the floor. Once all debris has been removed, the floor can be mopped using an easy homemade cleaning solution of water and white vinegar or water and lemon juice. Lemon juice, in particular, is perfect for filling your home with a refreshing aroma!

On the other hand, those with carpets may find it a little trickier to clean. It is your choice whether you enlist the help of a professional carpet cleaner or use DIY methods. First For Women has put together a super handy guide on different ways to make your carpet spotless!

Cleaning flooring

4. Clear Out Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards can be a scary place filled with ‘god knows how old’ tins of beans dating back to the birth year of your first born child. We know you’re going to hate us but its now time to face the task of clearing out your kitchen cupboards and freeing up a tonne of wasted space. It is essential to check the dates of all items while filtering through your cupboards. Any that are still in date can either be kept or if unwanted, donated to your local food bank. Food that is out of date can be recycled; however, you must ensure that you recycle the packaging and food products separate. For more information on what to do with food waste, take a look at Recycle Now.

5. Remove Bathroom Limescale

Limescale can prove super frustrating in any bathroom. No matter how much you wipe down and scrub between tiles and around the bath, limescale always seems to appear. A fantastic, proven way to banish limescale is to use white vinegar – and even better, it can work its magic overnight while you sleep! The evening before your scheduled Spring cleaning day, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray a layer over all areas with visible limescale. If there is limescale on showerheads and taps, then fill a small plastic bag with the vinegar and tie it securely around the object so it can soak in the liquid throughout the night. The following morning, simply wipe away the solution with a damp cloth and continue your bathroom Spring cleaning!

Cleaning taps

6. Deep Clean Kitchen Appliances

There are a number of kitchen appliances that are used on a daily basis; for instance, the oven, microwave and fridge which means that they can be a nuisance for harbouring dirt. While there are various different kitchen cleaners guaranteed to shift built-up grime within a matter of minutes, you are able to achieve just as effective results with organic products you’re likely to already have around the house.

Bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and vinegar are all perfect for cleaning surfaces and lifting dirt. Bicarbonate of soda can be used to remove all cooking residue from surfaces, vinegar clears any blockages and lemons are ideal for polishing appliances for a sparkling clean finish, along with removing unwanted odours.

If you’re hoping to be extra organised when cleaning kitchen appliances, Real Simple has devised a useful checklist that you can work your way through!

7. Dust The Living Room

The living room is often seen as the heart of the home. It is the key location for hosting guests and socialising with loved ones which means it’s imperative to keep your living room in immaculate condition.

As the living room is filled with considerably more furniture than any other room in the home, it is one of the biggest culprits for collecting dust. During your Spring cleaning quest, make it your mission to thoroughly dust all surfaces in the living room. Clear ornaments from cabinets, take books from their shelves and pull out the TV stand. It is important while dusting that you open windows wide, so the room is filled with fresh air and dirt is not settling over your freshly cleaned surfaces. We strongly recommend using a microfibre cloth as they are filled with tiny fibres woven together that work as a net to trap dust, dirt and debris making your job a whole lot easier!

Microfibre cloth

8. Clean Windows

Next, its time to clean your windows and allow the gorgeous Spring sun to shine in. With years of experience fitting double glazing in Milton Keynes, we have picked up some of the best tips for guaranteeing sparkling windows. And, although we all love the warmer weather, it is recommended to opt for a dry, cloudy day to clean your windows. Sunshine will cause the water to dry too quickly on the windows causing stubborn streaks.

Before beginning cleaning, aim to remove all dirt and debris from around the windowsill as failing to means that you will be wiping a mucky mess all over your freshly cleaned windows. If you have blinds, most definitely use your microfibre cloth from step 7 to dust each slat.

Now its time to begin cleaning. Similarly to when cleaning kitchen appliances, it is entirely your choice whether you opt for using a ready-made cleaner from brands such as Windolene or make your own mixture using cider vinegar, water and rubbing alcohol. Do not hold back when applying window cleaner, the more the better, particularly if the glass is looking extra grubby. Once applied, use a squeegee to wipe away excess liquid and then, again, your microfibre cloth for a final polish.

9. Refresh The Garden

While Spring cleaning is mainly based on decluttering your home, don’t forget to show a little TLC to your garden. The harsh, frosty temperatures definitely take their toll on plants, grass and trees which means your garden will need to be refreshed just in time for Summer BBQ’s. Spend time removing all weeds from their roots, trimming shrubs and clearing all litter or dead foliage.

Before attempting to plant any new flowers, it is vital to prep your soil. Over the Winter, the soil becomes dry and condensed so it’s important to ensure that areas have been thoroughly raked, watered and compost has been added. The Gardening Cook has put together a fantastic guide to the 20 best Spring blooming plants including pansies, tulips and of course, daffodils!

Planting new flowers

10. Brighten Your Decor

Now your home has been thorough decluttered, cleaned and organised, it’s more than likely that you have considerably more space available to begin incorporating quirky accessories. The most common colours associated with Spring are yellow, green, coral and blue meaning these give you the perfect foundation to begin brightening your decor.

If you’re feeling a little dubious about making a bolder interior design statement in your home, not to worry, even the smallest of vibrant touches can make the world of difference. Whether you place patterned cushions on your sofa, fit a brightly coloured bedcover or fill a lively vase with blooming flowers, there are a plethora of simple, easy ways to add colour to your property without going too extravagant.

Get Your Home Ready For Spring!

Getting your home Spring-ready and working your way through the tedious cleaning checklist doesn’t have to be a dull task. With thorough planning and ensuring that you carry out each task with care, your home can be entirely decluttered and cleaned in as little as a day.

If you’re hoping to transform your home, maximise space and enhance natural light, then why not consider conservatories in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas? Crown Windows are more than happy to help to begin your journey to creating the perfect Spring retreat!