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Whether your planning on having a rustic, traditional or ultra-modern tree this Christmas, one thing you definitely should consider is placement. If you don’t already know where the best place for a Christmas tree is, then we are here to help. A Christmas tree becomes the heart of the home during the month of December, so its location is very important. We have done some research and compiled a list of the perfect rooms to display your magical tree, so keep reading to find out what they are.

How to find the best place for a Christmas tree in your home

There is no denying that the perfect Christmas day requires a lot of planning beforehand. Between wrapping presents, organising entertainment and prepping food, it’s easy to push your tree placement to the bottom of your Christmas checklist. However, according to Feng Shui, it is worth carefully considering where you keep your tree. The build-up to Christmas can be stressful at times, so ensuring your home is filled with calm and harmonious energy is vital. You also need to make sure your tree will not be an inconvenience when surrounded by presents and there is enough room for everyone to open them comfortably on Christmas morning. Before we get into where in your home is best, you need to pick the perfect tree. With so many styles, sizes and types to choose from, this can be quite a challenging and time-consuming decision. To make the process a little easier, take a look at our Christmas Tree Guide:

Christmas Tree Guide

Shopping for a Christmas tree is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get you into the festive mood. However, when you are spoilt for choice, this isn’t always an easy decision to make.

Real vs Artificial

The first step in choosing your tree is to decide whether you want a traditional evergreen fir tree or a convenient artificial one. While a real Christmas tree adds more authenticity, they can be quite a pain to maintain. However, their fresh scent and stunning appearance make them the perfect addition to your home at Christmas time. If you are considering having a real tree, spruces, firs and pines are the most popular type. Each type of tree has its own unique features, which you can read about here if you are not already familiar with them. However, you should also be aware that transporting and disposing of a real tree can also be quite the task. For this reason, a lot of people opt for an artificial tree. Providing the ultimate convenience, artificial trees are mess-free and can be reused year after year, saving you money.

Green vs Coloured

If you decide an artificial tree is best for you, then you also have to choose what colour you want. While green is the more life-like and traditional option, modern interior design has completely transformed the conventional Christmas tree. Whether you want your tree to match the rest of your room’s decor or you just want something a little unique, there are a number of colours to choose from. One of the most popular artificial tree colours is white. Resembling being covered in snow, these trees will look fresh and festive in your home and gives you the perfect blank canvas for decorating. This black pencil pine tree is very stylish, and its sleek design promises to make a statement during the festive season. If you want something a little more quirky, take a look at these pink, red and blue trees.

festive room

Living Room

Your living room is an ideal location for your Christmas tree as it will be spacious enough to fit your big Christmas addition and is the place where everyone gathers for family time. However, as you probably use your living room a lot, you don’t want the tree to get in the way. For your convenience, it is therefore important to place your tree in a corner or by a window. If you opt for displaying your tree near a window, you will be able to show off your stunning decorations to neighbours and passers-by. If you think you might want to upgrade your windows to complement your tree and offer the best view, we fit windows in Bedford and the surrounding areas. So, contact the team today to start planning your window renovation.


A conservatory is arguably the most popular place for a Christmas tree. If you have young children, your conservatory is an ideal location for your tree as you can transform the space into a Santa’s grotto or a snow-covered Lapland. Alternatively, if you want something more sophisticated, you could go for a chic mountain chalet vibe. This is easy if you already have comfy sofas and armchairs in your conservatory as you can cover them in red and white throws and festive cushions. Scandinavian inspired decor will also add to the Christmassy feeling of your conservatory and make it into a Nordic Wonderland.

Some people avoid using their conservatory to keep their Christmas tree as it can become very cold in the winter months. Of course, you want to be warm and cozy when opening your presents on Christmas morning, so we recommend upgrading your windows to double glazing. Having years of experience fitting double glazing in Northampton, we know it will keep your conservatory at a comfortable temperature throughout the holiday. If you want to improve the insulation of your conservatory even more, take a look at our tiled roof conservatories in Northampton. Being extremely energy efficient and affordable, our tiled roofs will naturally trap any warmth generated in your conservatory and keep the cold winter air out.

white christmas tree


If you are feeling extra festive this Christmas, why not swap your bedside lamp for a fairy-lit tree? There are a huge variety of trees in all sizes, so even if your room is small, you can find a tree to accommodate. This 3ft potted sparkle Christmas Tree from The Range is ideal for smaller rooms and side tables, effortlessly turning any space into a winter wonderland. The glistening grey pot makes this little fir tree all the more magical and is guaranteed to add an element of charm to your room. If you want something a little more modern that will complement any room style, Wayfair have a stunning snow tree covered in 152 soft, yet bright fairy lights. The tree’s atmospheric lighting effect creates the ultimate cosy retreat – perfect for winding down on a cold winter evening.

The best thing about having your own personal tree is that you can decorate it entirely to your preference. Whereas your tree for opening presents on Christmas morning may look more traditional, you can be as creative as you like when decorating your own. To help make your tree sparkle and look amazing for the entire festive season, we have listed a few of our Top Christmas Tree decorating tips for you below.


Probably everyone’s favourite part of Christmas preparation is decorating the tree. Whether you have been given the all-important job of placing the star at the top or covering the tree in tinsel, we have some tips that will make your tree look very impressive. The first step in obtaining a professionally decorated looking tree is to pick a theme. This will give you the inspiration you need to pick the right materials and decorations for a consistent look. If your tree isn’t already pre-lit, you should always start with the lights first. If you wait until after you have covered your tree in decorations, adding lights becomes more difficult. Bright white lights are perfect if you want your tree to look crisp and clean while warm lights will add an element of comfort and homeliness to the room. Next, you need to add on your themed decorations. You can arrange them in whatever way you prefer but be sure to make sure everything is well-balanced and not too cluttered.

traditional tree

Let the festivities begin!

Once you have given your tree a home for the duration of Christmas, you will undoubtedly get into the festive spirit and be counting down the days until the 25th. So why not put on your favourite Christmas film, sip on some hot chocolate and make the most of the Christmas holiday.