At Crown Windows we take pride in our work and want our customers to have the very best. 

We offer many variations of front doors, but the one door that stands out above all the rest on the market at the moment is the Apeer Door.

Why Apeer Doors?



All Apeer door types come with a multi-point locking system fitted as standard. As you can see in the diagram on the left, there are locking points at the top, middle and bottom.

Every Apeer 70 and Apeer 44 door has security as it’s number one priority. Materials such as GRP, steel, toughened triple glazing and high density polyurethane have been used to ensure these doors are the umber one for security.

You would think with so much emphasis on making these doors secure that elegance and style may be compromised. Not with Apeer though.  

The latest apeer front doors are constructed using one main material type for the whole unit: GRP inner sash. This means zero chance of movement or distortion which are common reasons for callbacks throughout the industry. 


Energy Efficient

Let’s face it, energy costs don’t seem to be lowering. So Apeer have taken that into consideration and come up with the Apeer 70 door that is is A rated for energy efficiency. This means keeping the heat in your home and reducing your overall energy costs long term.

Even if you want glass within your door to let some natural light in, Apeer can build you a door that will still remain A rated for energy.



Having a strong secure door and letting light in at the same time can often compromise security again. Not with Apeer. You can choose various glass types such as bevell, fused and sandblasted all triple glazed to give your dream door extra personality and let some extra natural light in too.

Finishing Touches

If your looking for simplicity or a door with detail and difference, then look no further than the a peer range. 

Attention to detail is important to many people, check out some of the examples below to see how much attention to detail really can be implemented into your dream front door.

The Apeer Door put to the test

The video below shows just how strong the Apeer door actually is, when it’s put to the test against the ‘Eddie Hall’ the UK’s strongest man. Eddie Hall takes to the door with his fists first and then resorts to using a hammer with no joy.

Our Crown Windows team specialises in putting security first. One of our recent customers ‘Terry Bale’ was burgled before he had his home in Bicester double glazed. He said “After watching the apeer stingiest man video, it made me realise how strong the doors actually were. It was a no brainer for me, considering the burglars came through my front door. i would just like to thank the Crown Windows team for their advise and obviously a great job.”

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