Lead windows are a popular choice because you can be creative with the design but still have windows that look clean and structured. They have been a popular choice for centuries with stained glass windows using leaded panels to hold the structure. Leaded windows can be seen in some of the most famous destinations in the world such as The Vatican and The Notre Dame.

Over the years leaded windows have become more common on houses in the UK, as more people are aware of the benefits of having a beautifully designed and sustainable element to their home. Part of the reason why leaded windows are perfect are because of the low maintenance, on average the lead work only has to be changed every 100 years. Lead is a malleable metal so it can be hammered into shapes without cracking 

Many people are apprehensive of leaded windows because of the toxicity of the metal, however if made by professionals there will be no health risk to you, unless you consume some of the metal. A benefit of this is that the cost of lead, which is quite low around the world making it a cost effective solution

How to pick the perfect leaded window:

  1. Think of the size of your window:
  2. If you have a small window, having smaller detailed panels might look better. If you have a large window you have the option of varying the detailed panels, making it look simpler and cleaner.

  3. What is the rest of your house like?
  4. The style of your house will have to be an indication on what window designs you should have. If the house is more modern having a simple design may suit it more, or it may be the case that if you have a detailed design it will make the house look more distinct and charming. Older houses tend to have more elaborate designed windows, but now more and more people are having simpler windows put into their old houses to make them look less dated.

  5. How long are you willing to wait for the windows?
  6. Leaded windows need to be made before they go up on the houses. The time you’re willing to wait for the windows may be a big indication of what you should get. More elaborate designs will take longer to make