Combination conservatories are a popular choice and for good reasons. Here at Crowns the team have have had a lot of experience with conservatories in Leighton Buzzard and other areas, over the years we have built really great products for our clients. If you are thinking of installing a conservatory and are looking at the options you can have, you may want to have a further look at combination conservatories, which are usually two styles of conservatories combined together. These types of conservatories are great because they offer you design flexibility. They give you two distinctive areas that you can separate or use together to provide a bigger space. Here the team has got together to give you advice on how to plan a this type of conservatory

1. Research your options

You will have a range of different style options to choose from, have a look at the variety you can have. If you decide on this product have a look on the Internet at how other people have designed theirs.

2. Look at the different styles of combinations

The most popular choice for combination conservatories is the grouping of a Lean to and a Victorian, which gives a distinctive ‘P’ shape. Other popular choices are designed with a ‘T’ and ‘B’ shape. There is a range of different options which is what makes combinations fantastic, when you were doing your research think about what ones stuck out to you and go back to them because at this stage you should be more decisive with wanting a combination

3. Think what’s best for your home

The shape and what your home looks like are very important in planning your conservatory. Map out a rough outline of your home and draw where you would like the conservatory, plotting out what sought of shape and style you want it to look like

4. Get some expert option

Here at Crowns the whole team has extensive knowledge of conservatories and we are more than able in offering some advice and tips before you make your final decision to install your very own combination conservatory! Call us on 01908 507 778