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Here at Crown Windows, we provide a range of different conservatories for our customers in many areas. A significant amount of calls we have received recently are regarding orangery conservatories, but with many not knowing precisely what this type of conservatory involves. We have had many years of experience in building conservatories in Woburn Sands and many other areas, making the Crown Windows team the best people possible to spread the knowledge…

An orangery conservatory is different to most other styles, because of the glazed lantern set into a flat roof, this provides many benefits such as being aesthetically pleasing, the glass lantern also lets sun light into the room and gives the illusion of extra space. The structure of this type of conservatory is also different to traditional styles as the roof is plastered like the ceilings in houses, which gives the conservatory a much more homely feel as it appears more like an extra room in the house.

Orangeries are also fully glazed with the latest glass technology, making them usable all year round; orangeries are generally made from timber with uPCV available. The orangery blends in more with the build of the house, in a subtle, elegant way as it features more brickwork and less glass on the walls than a classic conservatory and tends to be a simple design.

This is an orangery conservatory in Aylesbury Orangery conservatory Notice how…

  • It fits subtly into the house because of the brickwork and simple design
  • The lantern on the roof allows the access of sunlight
  • We have designed the window and doorframes to match the house
  • Extra space is added onto the house
  • Easy access to the garden and the house

The orangery style also tends to be less maintenance than classic styles as there is less glass to clean. Because there is less glass involved this also means that you can cut cost of blinds and curtains.

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