curtains blowing in house

Draught is a nuisance. If your house is cold during the winter, it is most likely due to draught, and it’s a possibility you have been looking for various ways to keep the draught out, and the warmth in. In our new article, we discuss ‘How to keep the draught out in your home’, to keep your home a little more insulated.

Keeping the warmth in

There are many ways people try to keep the warmth in their homes when dealing with draught, from using guardian tiled roofs for their conservatory, to double glazing. However, we discuss many other ways people can keep the draught out. If you want to know more about ‘How to keep the draught out in your home’, read on!

Draught Snakes

Draught snakes are tubes of soft material, usually cotton, that you can place, where draught is the most prominent, such as underneath your door or on window sills and they prevent the cold air from sneaking in. They are cheap and even if you do not want to buy it, they make a great DIY project, you can make them by sewing together material in a tube, adjusted to the width of your window sill and door then fill will dry rice to make it stay put. Draught snakes are amazingly efficient. However, a drawback would be that they only stop the draught from the window sill and not the glass or frame.

Draught Snakes

Layered or insulated curtains

Using heavy curtains can be a good way to block out draught, as they are not easy to penetrate, a positive about this is that curtains come in many designs and colours so looking for one to suit your home will not be hard. The next thing to do when it comes to draught is to buy many layers of that curtain to try and block out the draught. However, buying layers of curtains can be a bit expensive, and it can potentially block out the light. The next alternative would be insulated curtains; these have a built-in thermal backing, they do not need to be as layered and they also come in many different styles, however, the cost factor still remains.


Double Glazing

The rate of installation shoots up in the UK during the winter, and this is because people know about the advantages they come with. In Milton Keynes, Double Glazing has become a prominent part of people’s homes, and they are widely popular across other areas in the UK too. When fitted by professionals, draught from your windows should no longer be a problem, their use of double layers of glass acts as an insulator in the window, stopping draft from penetrating through and making your home colder. They are a fantastic long-term way of ensuring your home stays insulated for longer and they are a worthwhile investment.

Double Glazing

Guardian Tiled Roofs

When it comes to conservatories however, the best thing to use is guardian tiled roofs. It’s no secret that conservatories tend to get very cold during the winter, but to combat this, why not get yourself a guardian tiled roof? They are amazingly insulting and always ensure your conservatory stays warmer for much longer. They maintain the warmth in your conservatory and do not allow the heat to escape and not only that; they also reduce noise levels such as rain, and they also reduce condensation. They are highly popular across the UK and our Conservatory Guardian Tiled Roofs in Leighton Buzzard are especially loved! So purchase a guardian tiled roof today to keep your conservatory fully insulated!

Double Glazing


They are many ways people try to keep the drought out, the best way to do this is to pick a long-term solution, so the problem does not persist, this includes double glazing and guardian tiled roofs. However, if you only want the draught to stay away fro a short period, why not try the other methods mentioned perviously?