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Unfortunately, it’s winter or fortunately depending on how you look at it. During this time it gets darker extremely quickly, but in our new article we tell you ‘How to let more light into your home’. Read to find out more.

The more light, the better

Did you know that subconsciously the more light there is in a room, the better you feel? If an area looks dark and dull, it can make you have a bad mood, and no one wants that. So don’t be sad, Crown Windows is here to save the day as we unveil the secrets of how to let more light into your home. Read for more!

Colour is Key

There are different ways you can approach this. One misconception people tend to have is that to make a room feel warm, it must be painted with warm colours. Next thing you know a room is being splashed with burnt orange, dark curtains and furniture made from dark wood. However to lift your spirit as well as brighten the room, opt for neutral and pastel colours. Using colours such as white with splashes of bright colours of bright orange or bright pink here and there can really bring the room together. You can add some fun furniture like a comfortable rug and plush pillows on the couch; this creates an illusion of a brighter room, and there you have it! You have created a bright and airy space!

Bright Colours in Room

Use lights!

No, we are not talking about your typical light bulbs, why not have fun with it? Adding spot lights in several areas of the house not only makes your home more modern, it literally adds more light to your home. You can even get a little more creative and add fairy lights; there are extremely mesmerising. Since Fairy lights are different colours, it makes your home look much more fun and lighter. Seriously take our word for it!

Fairy Lights in Room

Different Doors

Replacing your slab of wood with doors like Bi-folding or sliding doors can really add more light into your home. Use bi-fold doors to take advantage of the sun in the morning before it gets dark, and you can bring your home together. We offer our Bi-fold Doors in Milton Keynes as well as other places across the UK; they are fantastic for letting in the most amount of light, and their wide shape always gives a phenomenal view.

Bi- Fold Doors


There are different ways you can maximise the amount of some much-needed light in your home. More light means you will automatically be in a better mood and it gives an airy and beautiful feel to your home!