It’s nearly that time of year that everybody looks forward to, we are approaching into December the month of Christmas. And with Christmas comes the decorations, which can be costly so it might be a better option to consider DIY Christmas decorations.

Why Use DIY Christmas Decorations?

Not only are DIY Christmas decorations affordable as they can be made from everyday household items, but they can also be an excellent activity for all of the family to enjoy. Christmas is part of spending and enjoying time with your family, so what better way to do that at the beginning of December than getting the entire family together to make Christmas decorations.

If you are having a Christmas party or holding Christmas for the family at your house this year, then it’s a great idea to have festive handmade decorations to get everybody into the Christmas spirit. So if you wanted to make DIY Christmas decorations this year then no problem, we’ve devised a list of some of the best DIY Christmas decorations and how you can make them – so keep reading!

A Candy Cane Christmas Vase

If you’re holding Christmas at your home this year, then this is an ideal table centrepiece to get your friends and family in the festive spirit. Instead of having a plain glass vase to hold your poinsettia’s why not spruce it up to give your dinner table an extra touch of Christmas. Glue candy canes to the inside of your vase using a hot glue gun or sellotape to make them secure, once you’ve done this, you can fill your vase up with festive poinsettias or whatever festive flowers you choose to use. For the full tutorial click here.

candy cane heart

Festive Bunting

Bunting is used daily for tasteful decor, so why not make your own festive version to use for future years. You can use any materials such as curtains or old clothing to make your bunting, red green or white paired together often make a good festive theme. But if you didn’t want to stick to simple festive colours then why not experiment with other shapes such as santa hats or gingerbread men? You can use old cloths or material and cut them out into shapes to use for your bunting, then all you need is simple stitching for your garland to be complete.

And although you are making bunting that doesn’t necessarily mean that has to be used just for hanging up on walls, drape your garland along your fireplace or mantlepiece to add a touch of decor to your home. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like your stitching skills are up to scratch, you can purchase this cute gingerbread garland from Not On The High Street.

Seasonal Salt And Pepper Shakers

To add another festive touch to your family’s Christmas dinner consider these festive salt and pepper shakers. Switch your plain shakers to a Christmas inspired snowy Christmas wonderland – and it’s simple! All you need is a tiny Christmas figurine along with either a santa clause or a reindeer. Simply remove the bottom of your shakers and empty the contents, then carefully place in your figurines and fill back up with fresh salt and pepper for a snowy winter wonderland inside your shakers.

Your guests will love it, and it’s a cost-effective, fun way to bring Christmas to life, for the full tutorial click here.

Christmas themed salt and pepper shakers

Lollipop Stick Snowflakes

Not only can this be turned into a beautiful Christmas decoration, but it’s also a great excuse to eat copious amounts of lollipops. Every time you eat a lollipop, keep the sticks and use them for decoration, if you don’t want to eat them then simply purchase a pack of lollipop sticks. All you need to do is stick your lollipop sticks together using a hot glue gun, stick them in the shape of a traditional snowflake outline, you can make them large all small so they can be used to decorate anywhere around your home!

After you have stuck the sticks together and they have dried you can make the decision to decorate them; you can paint them, put stickers on them, put glitter on them or even draw on them. The possibilities and design options are endless which are what makes these decorations so great – especially for children! Click here for the full tutorial.

Make Your Own Stockings

And of course the traditional Christmas stockings, you can make your own for the ultimate Christmas feel to your home. You can make your stockings out of any old materials that you have laying around your home, whether it be curtains, pillowcases, old clothing, bedsheets or old blankets you can make a stocking for your whole family!

Using simple stitching methods to complete your stocking, use a variety of different colours and patterning to make a stocking for every member of your family. Although you do not need a working stocking, you can, of course, make your own stocking for Christmas day to hang up on the mantlepiece or you can make stockings for decor purposes, or to hang up in conservatories Bedford.

Alternatively, if you’re hosting a big Christmas party, why not treat your guests to a mini Christmas stocking full of their favourite sweets and treats to take home with them, it’s cost-effective, and if you make the stocking yourself, then all you have to do is purchase the sweets.

named stockings hanging on fireplace

Decorate Your Home And Get Into The Festive Spirit!

It’s not a proper Christmas without decorations, Christmas trees, hot chocolate, Christmas films and Christmas songs. So you should get into the Christmas sprit with these fantastic decoration ideas to make your home suited for this Christmas.

All of these decoration ideas are cost-effective and family friendly, meaning that they are suitable for any ages! So start collecting your supplies and let the Christmas decor making begin! If crafts are not your forte, then it’s not a problem as there plenty of affordable Christmas decorations available to purchase! Remember to keep your home warm during the cold Christmas months and ensure that your double glazing Ampthill is all in good condition to avoid a frosty home this winter!