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The addition of bi-folding doors into your home may be one of the best home improvement decisions you could make. If you have ever overlooked the importance of bifold doors, then hopefully this list will help to change your mind. Here are 7 benefits of bifold doors.

Benefits of Bifold Doors: What to Consider Before You Buy

You will need to consider what material you would prefer your doors to be made from. The choice you will have will probably be between Timber or Aluminium doors. Decide which will be more suitable to the appearance of your home and the lifestyle you live Timber bifold doors are a more traditional style and tend to best suit period properties, however, when regularly exposed to moisture and heat, they are prone to warping over time and won’t fit as well in their frames as they did initially. By choosing timber doors, you are committing yourself to having to maintain them. They will need regular coats of paint or varnish to preserve their quality and appearance. However, traditionally, wooden doors do provide the most effective thermal insulation.

Alternatively, you could opt for aluminium doors. These require minimal maintenance; due to the powder-coated finish, this material will never need to be re-coated. They can also be made much wider than timber doors and can often be the more cost-effective option. You will also need to decide whether you would rather your doors are ‘top hung’ or ‘bottom rolling’. Advice varies on which is the more practical option. Top hung systems require a sufficiently strong beam above to take the weight but manage to hide the bulk of the operating mechanism in the frame. Once you have read about the benefits of bifold doors, make sure to think about these two factors; the material of door and the style. You can then start to look around for a trustworthy supplier and installer of bi-folding doors and double glazing in Milton Keynes.

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Space Savers

If you want to maintain the amount of floor space you have in your house, then bi-fold doors are the ideal addition. They fold away neatly without interfering with access and therefore make the perfect alternative to sliding patio or French doors that can be impractical in small spaces, for example, balconies or small patios. Bifold doors provide ideal flexible opening options and blur the line between indoors and outdoors.


This style of door offers more flexibility than most other doors. You have the ability to alter where the splits are in the door and allow you to open the wall fully, or alternatively, open the doors to any width within the frame. The flexibility of bifold doors is far superior in comparison to a sliding or composite door which can only open at one width or half the width of the window.

Safe Solution

Installing bifold doors is a valuable investment if you have young children living in your home. You will be able to keep an eye on them playing outside independently even when the door is closed. Even if you don’t feel comfortable keeping the door closed, you will be able to supervise them with the door open whilst allowing them to gain some independence at the same time. It may also encourage your children to play outside in the garden more when they can see that the weather is good and there is plenty to do.

Maximising Natural Light

If you feel that the room adjoining your garden lacks sufficient space, then the addition of large windows or bifold doors can transform your home. By installing bifold doors, you can create the appearance of a larger, brighter room. You will not only be able to see fully out into your garden, guaranteeing a great view of outside but will also let a significant amount of more light into your home. For additional privacy, you can install bespoke blinds.

Cuts Costs

Investing in the instalment of bifold windows into your home will help to reduce your energy bills undoubtedly. During the summertime, you won’t need to use energy consuming devices such as fans and air conditioning units half as much as you did before. You could even consider removing these devices and not using them again. Opening these doors during hot days will allow a fresh breeze to enter your home and keep you cool. With double glazing windows installed, this will further help to reduce heating bills. In the winter you will not need to use the heating as much due to the doors’ effective thermal insulation elements.

bifold doors and fire place

Improved View

Usually, bifold doors are fitted at the rear side of the property opening out into the garden or onto a patio. This style of door is perfect for incorporating the summer weather into your home or appreciating the frosty autumn mornings in detail. If you have dining tables and chairs in your garden or on the patio, large bi-folding doors make transporting food, cutlery and crockery outside much easier. They are also ideal for staying out and appreciating the beauty of late summer evenings; you can light a fire pit and enjoy the scenery but from inside.

Contemporary Appearance

If you have a modern property, then the addition of bifold doors will naturally transform your home. The abundance of natural light will only improve the aesthetics of your home, especially if a contemporary style has been incorporated into the design and decor. The view from your garden back to your home will also be vastly improved, what once was a plain stone or brick wall, will now be large contemporary looking doors. You can also decide to adjust the look of your garden to suit the new and improved look of the exterior to your home.


If you are in two minds about bifold doors, then here are just a few of the positive aspects of them that may help you to reconsider their importance. They are guaranteed to enhance any style of property through the increase in natural light and ventilation. They are the perfect way to incorporate the beauty of your garden into your home. If you are looking for suppliers and fitters of bifold doors in Banbury, then Crown Windows is the ideal solution. If you have enjoyed this article, then why not give it a share on your social media?