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Whether you have reached the exciting milestone of purchasing your first home or have lived in the same property for years, yet hoping to bring a new lease of life, there are many different ways that you can utilise home renovations to achieve a personal touch. Although, at first, the idea of a renovation is somewhat daunting due to the high budget often associated, spending time researching money saving tips will help to cut the costs dramatically. To give you a head start, we’ve devised a list of our top ten tips to help save money on home improvements!

10 Home Improvement Tips To Help Save Money

When you have a vision in mind of your perfect home, it can become incredibly easy to get carried away with additional features and before you know it, your budget has spiralled out of control. It’s always important to set a realistic budget with a small percentage set aside for emergencies, then track and stick to each set cost you have put in place.

If you’re in the process of beginning renovation planning and hoping to save some cash not only now, but in the future, keep reading for our top ten money-saving tips.

1. Try Your Hand At DIY

Luckily for homeowners, you do not have to be a certified tradesperson to be capable of carrying out a little DIY during home renovations. The more you can do yourself, the more money you will be saving.

When it comes to improving your DIY skills, YouTube videos will be your best friend as you can guarantee that there will be an easy to follow tutorial on just about any renovation you’re hoping to carry out. All videos are completely free, so use them to your advantage! If it is your first time attempting ‘do it yourself’ methods, you may benefit from watching a few videos on the same job to find the method that is best suited to your skills and strengths.

The extent of DIY you opt for depends on how confident you feel that you can carry out the job effectively and to a high standard. For those who are at more of a beginner level, perhaps begin with simpler jobs such as painting and tiling, along with building furniture.

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2. Shop Around

Never jump straight into purchasing the first renovation item you like the look of as it is more than likely that with some research, you will be able to track down a cost-effective alternative that still maintains a high-end look. Particularly if you are revamping a key room in your home such as the kitchen, it is imperative to shop around different suppliers. Although it may be a simpler and a no-hassle solution, you do not necessarily have to purchase your suite, units and appliances all from one company. Spending time researching online and in-store will allow you to gather different variations of the same products to save money.

If you are beginning renovations and not too sure exactly what final look you’re hoping for, it’s also important to do your research and look to others for inspiration. You will be able to find plenty of great ideas on Pinterest, which enables you to collate various mood boards to suit all themes and styles. Also, consider taking a look at the Country Living website for fantastic before and after home makeover photos!

3. Reuse Where You Can

Revamping your home doesn’t always require a full set of brand new furniture – you would be surprised how much of a difference even a fresh layer of paint can make! Repainting new furniture not only gives old items a new lease of life, but also gives you the perfect opportunity to reuse and save some cash!

Wooden furniture is the easiest type of material to repaint and with the correct supplier, is super easy. Many people opt for transforming old, traditional pine items into a vintage-inspired modern white centrepiece. For a full guide on how to repaint furniture for beginners, head over to the Erin Spain website!

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4. Track Your Budget

We all have the tendency to become over-excited about the idea of enjoying home renovations and end up spending extra money on things we do not necessarily need. When your budget is regularly measured and managed, then it becomes easier to keep it at a minimum.

It is always beneficial, at the beginning of your renovations, to create a digital spreadsheet or even draw out a physical table and add in each expense that you will need to pay out. Always ensure that you keep on top of every spend and add it to your budget tracker. If you do have extra money at the end, then you will be free to purchase added accessories.

5. Stay Neutral

Although it can be easy to be drawn to the most eye-catching wallpaper designs and vibrant furnishings, don’t be tempted. Keep your foundation colour scheme such as walls, flooring and furniture simple, ideally in a neutral colour theme. Opt for white or grey walls along with plain carpet or flooring and bring your chosen bright colour scheme to the room through finishing touches.

This way, you are free to change the colour or theme of the room as many time as you please in the future. You will save both time and money on purchasing brand new furnishings and repainting and instead, simply have to replace finishing touches.

While you may not be thinking about selling up any time soon, keeping things neutral also massively helps if you eventually decide to put your house on the market. Neutral colouring helps prospective buyers to easily envisage their belongings in your house, which in turn greatly improves your chances of selling.

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6. Make Long-Term Decisions

When renovating your home, it is vital always to maintain the ‘long-term mindset’ to ensure that your money is spent wisely. Although we are all about saving money, you do not want to only opt for cheap materials as not only will they lack durability, but you will also find yourself constantly paying out for repairs and replacements in the near future. Ultimately, failing to think long term becomes considerably more expensive than spending money on high-quality materials initially.

Particularly when replacing windows and doors, you should think longevity rather than cost. We strongly recommend opting for only uPVC frames with double-glazing as not only do they have an increasingly longer lifespan, but they also require little maintenance to stay in immaculate condition. We specialise in both uPVC windows and uPVC doors in Milton Keynes, so if you’re looking for a reputable supplier, please feel free to contact Crown Windows!

7. Consider Selling Old Items

For those completely renovating their home, it is more than likely that many pieces of unwanted furniture are, in fact, in fantastic condition and in perfect working order. If this is the case, then why not consider selling old fixtures and furnishings online for extra cash to contribute towards your budget. Homeowners are always looking for bargains to add to their property, so you would be surprised how many unwanted items you could actually sell. There are many websites such as Gumtree, Preloved and eBay, which will make the selling process a straightforward task!

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8. Be Flexible

You cannot guarantee that every step of the renovation process is going to go smoothly and problem-free, so be flexible and open to alternative ideas. Allocate a small percentage of your budget to cover any last minute expenses or emergencies you may come across to ensure that you do not fall short of cash due to complications. Some aspects many end up costing more than you had first anticipated, so if this is the case, allow yourself some flexibility in cutting the budget for another component to make up for it. Do not panic and feel as if the only option is to spend more. Instead, sit down, research and spend time re-shuffling your budget.

9. Balance High-End and Low-Cost Products

There is nothing wrong with, even if you are on a budget, splashing out on a high-end fixture or fitting that you have always dreamed of. Spending more on statements items will make it easier to achieve the ideal balance between expensive and low-cost products or materials. For example, for a kitchen re-fit, you may want to consider spending a little extra on marble or quartz countertops, but then opt for cost-effective cabinets, appliances and lights.

As mentioned previously, opting for cheap alternatives may not always play to your advantage and are likely to cost you extra in the future. It is only you who can decide which aspects you are happy to pay more for and where you can afford to go cheaper. The items in the room that you know you will use the most and are the centre point of the space should, ideally, be where you should invest your budget.

marble kitchen

10. Add Finishing Touches

Once all renovations are complete, it is time to bring warming, welcoming atmosphere to your home by adding finishing touches. Many different retailers such as IKEA and The Range are filled with stunning home accessories to meet every room and theme, but all for an incredibly low price. If you love vintage-inspired finishing touches, you may even want to consider taking a trip to your local charity shop and spend time filtering through to find some hidden gems that are perfect for decorating your property.

Many homeowners opt for finishing a room with mirrors as not only do they always come in handy, they are also fantastic for opening up the room and creating the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors help to reflect natural and artificial light making the room brighter both during the day and in the evening. It is your choice, depending on the overall theme of your rooms, whether you invest in a traditional square or round mirror or alternatively, go for something a little different with a decorative display of patterned mirrors. We love the selection of mirrors on Exclusive Mirrors!

Renovate Your Home & Save Money!

Transforming your home into a modernised haven for tranquillity does not have to break the bank. You can most definitely achieve your perfect property and bring your lifelong vision to life meeting a set budget. With careful planning and keeping track of every expense during the process, you will be able to utilise our top ten tips to your advantage and save money on home renovations.

We hope our article has been helpful, if so, why not share with your friends and family on social media? You never know who might be on the search for handy money saving tips!