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With several cheaper alternatives available on the market, it is not uncommon for people to approach us with the question, are composite doors worth the money? Composite doors have a number of benefits, which make them excellent value for money. We will discuss these benefits throughout the article so you can understand what an excellent investment composite doors really are.

Are composite doors worth the money? Here’s everything you need to know

Composite doors are an excellent addition to any home, but many people are put off when they realise their price tag is slightly more than other door types. However, with our years of experience fitting composite doors in Milton Keynes and French doors in Bedford, we can confirm there is a good reason why composite doors cost that little bit extra. Being the latest addition to the door industry, composite doors have been meticulously designed to eradicate the flaws of previous door styles. The multiple materials used for this innovative door have allowed for old flaws to be phased out while creating a whole new standard of door. Many people notice their doors deteriorating during seasonal changes as the weather conditions push them to their limits. However, thanks to the GRP skin which coats composite doors, they are immune to sun fade and bleaching. The high impact, durable skin is also injected with a ‘through colour’ process, which ensures no scratches or blemishes are visible. Moreover, if you are looking to make your home a little more eco-friendly, then composite doors are ideal. Having a longer lifespan than most other doors, you can effectively increase the cost efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of your door. These are just a small number of advantages of composite doors which prove they are worth the money. However, if you are still not convinced, keep reading to find out their whole range of benefits.

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Visual appeal

A lot of homeowners are attracted to composite doors for their aesthetic appeal. Being one of the first features of your home guests will see, you want to make a positive impression and you can do just this with a composite door. There are a whole host of design options available for composite doors, making them an ideal investment for any property style. Whether you want a traditional door to complement your conventional home or wish to opt for something a little more contemporary for your modern property, the possibilities are endless with composite doors. Having been created using high end and advanced manufacturing techniques, composite doors promise to be an attractive feature of any home, without compromising functionality. Whether you want a muted woodgrain effect for a classic look, or you want to make heads turn with a striking, bold colour, you can achieve any look you want with a composite door. We have installed hundreds of composite doors in Aylesbury which have completely transformed and improved the exterior of each property. So, for the ultimate home improvement, contact a member of our dedicated team today and ask us about our excellent range of GRP composite doors.


Thanks to their insulating foam core and strong outer frame, composite doors provide the ultimate strength and resilience. A doors lifespan is typically around 15-25 years, but composite doors are renowned for their longevity – around 35 years in fact! Having a door that is going to last takes a weight off your shoulders as you will not have to fret about installing new doors more often than you need to. The finish of composite doors is also long-lasting like its structure, so you don’t have to worry about re-staining or repainting. The durability of composite doors convinces many people to purchase them. The extra money you to pay for the door initially will go a long way as you will not have to break the bank to buy a new door earlier than necessary.

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Minimal maintenance

We understand that having a busy lifestyle means you can’t always take the time out of your day to make sure your doors are in pristine condition. With adverse weather conditions and general wear and tear forcing you to take extra care of your doors, we wanted to inform you that composite doors are the ultimate solution to this problem. Unlike standard timber doors which may require you to sand and recoat the protective finish every few years, composite doors do not require this level of maintenance. If you think your composite doors need some TLC, all you need is a bucket of warm, soapy water and a microfibre cloth. It is important to use a soft cloth when cleaning your doors as opposed to a rough-sided sponge as it can damage the finish and make the door look less visually appealing. With your bucket of soapy water and cloth, simply wipe over the door until you think it has been sufficiently cleaned. As well as cleaning the actual door itself which is exposed to the element, it is also worth quickly washing the frame. Your door frame is susceptible to trapping dirt, which could affect the closing mechanism over time. When cleaning the frame, ensure the door is fully open so you can reach all the edges.

Then, with a fresh bucket of soapy water and a clean cloth, you will want to wash any glass panels the door may have. Once you have finished cleaning, we suggest drying the panels with a clean cloth to prevent streak marks appearing. A microfibre cloth works best for this stage as it won’t leave any lint behind and will keep the glass looking spotless. If you want to give your door the added wow factor, you could always finish this stage with some glass cleaner to add some sparkle.

For the hardware, once again, all you will need is a fresh bucket of warm soapy water and a cloth. Make sure you clean all visible features such as the handles, knocker and letterbox and finish off the process by going over the entire door with a dry cloth. Now you can stand back and marvel at your beautiful door.

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Thermal efficiency

If your home has a tendency to be uncomfortably cold during the winter, forcing your energy bills to rise, then you should definitely consider installing composite doors. The increased thermal efficiency of composite doors means warm air can be easily trapped inside your home. By trapping the warm air, you will not have to rely on your central heating as much, and you can effectively reduce your carbon footprint. Many homeowners experience heat loss through their windows and doors, so by simply upgrading to composite doors and double glazing, you can reap the benefits of a naturally cosy home in the winter. What makes composite doors so thermal efficient is the insulating inner foam it features which most traditional doors do not have.


We understand that keeping your home and all its occupants safe is of utmost importance, which is why we would highly recommend composite doors if you are security conscious. The ultra-strong structural frame, combined with robust glass-reinforced plastic provides effective protection against intruders, giving you and your family peace of mind. Moreover, the multi-point locking systems and locking cylinders in composite doors have been subject to vigorous testing and proven to be extremely secure.

A door you can rely on

As we specialise in fitting doors in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, we can guarantee that opting for a composite is a great decision. Although it can be slightly more expensive than other door types, the benefits certainly outweigh the cons. If you want to know more about our composite doors, please do not hesitate to contact us.