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There are an abundance of ways you can add value to your home, some of them being a worthwhile investment, and others being extremely cost-effective. Whether you are planning on moving out soon or would like to rejuvenate your property ready for putting it on the market in a few years time, here are some of the best ways for adding value to your home.

Adding Value To Your Home: It’s Time To Rejuvenate

According to The Modern House, properties can see at least a 12 per cent increase in their value when they have a design-led interior. This goes to show how important and significant a modern home can be to the value of your property. Even if your home is outdated and needs a renovation, there are many ways you can achieve your desired look by changing a few features around the house. Here are our top tips for adding value to your home:

Modern Home Interior

Add A Conservatory

Conservatories are a fantastic way of adding value to your home in multiple different ways. For example, not only does it add to the selling value of your home, but it also adds to space and comfort that you and your family can enjoy. Although a conservatory may seem like a hefty investment at first, it is well worth looking into how you can incorporate one into your home, so that you can make your money back and if not more in the future.

According to On The Market, a conservatory adds around 5 per cent onto your property value, which considering it only costs an average of £4,500 to install, means that you can make a nice sum of money when selling up. Of course, it will depend on the conservatory that you add onto your property as to whether or not it will be appealing to potential buyers. When planning and designing your conservatory, we would always advise that you have the original architecture as well as the use for the conservatory in mind. For example, if you wish to extend your kitchen and have a dining area in the conservatory, then a Victorian conservatory is popular and ideal for staying warm while also allowing you to enjoy the natural sunlight. There are several different designs you can choose from, and you are always welcome to customise your conservatory so that it works for you.

There are several benefits to having a conservatory added to your home, all of which will create additional interest from people looking at your property when selling. These benefits include the following;

  • Added space/room
  • Connect the home to the garden
  • Cheaper alternative to an extension
  • Let’s in natural light (which comes with an abundance of benefits)
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Can be enjoyed all year round

When opting for a conservatory, it is important to make sure that you enlist the help of a professional team so that your requirements and style are taken into consideration. If you would like to design a conservatory that matches your aesthetic, then please feel free to contact the Crown Windows team for more information about our conservatories in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

Glass Conservatory

Update Your Windows

Most home hunters will be expecting no less than double glazing for their windows, with a modern and safe frame. We often have clients asking for windows in Milton Keynes to rejuvenate their property before putting it onto the market. A lot of home buyers are looking for a property that they can move into without having to replace existing features. For this reason, it is wise to invest in a set of new windows for your property, as this will make it much more appealing to potential buyers. Older properties tend to have single-glazing, which can make the room feel cold and even give of an unkempt feeling. If your property has single-glazed windows or the framework looks and feels outdated, we would advise seeking help from our professionals to install your double glazing in Bedford or in the surrounding areas.

By having double-glazing installed onto your home, you can reap the many benefits that come along with the modern design. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Better installation
  • Reduced outside noise
  • Increased security
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Easy maintenance
  • Adds style and aesthetics

New developments in window designs mean that you can benefit from all of the above, while also being able to choose from an array of different colours and styles, such as our lead or Georgian windows. Homify has an excellent gallery of window design ideas to help give you some inspiration on how upgrading your windows can transform your home.

New Windows

Safety Proof Your Doors

Safety proofing your doors can have a significant impact on the way people viewing your home will see your property. Safety is one of the main priorities for home buyers, so changing your doors can improve your chances of someone purchasing your home. There are many ways in which you can safety proof your doors, some of which can fit in with any budget or price range that you have in mind. Why not invest in some, or all of the following safety features for your front and back door:

  • Completely update your doors – new door designs incorporate locking features as well as style to make your home safer from potential burglaries. Newer doors tend to be a lot thicker and well designed to ensure the safety of yourself and those within the home.
  • Add a chain lock – although slightly old fashioned, a chain attached to the wall and the door is actually a sufficient way of making the home a lot safer. This allows you to answer the door without having to fully open it, minimising the risk of someone pushing past you and entering your home.
  • Add CCTV around the house – having cameras facing entrances to your home, such as the main door and the patio doors, will help to deter burglars as well as make you feel a lot safer while relaxing in the house.

There are an abundance of ways you can safety proof your doors, and we would strongly advise that you do so. Popular Mechanics has a range of different ideas that you can incorporate into your door to improve safety, some of which may seem more expensive than others, but are worth investing in.

New Door Installation

Convert The Loft

If you are living in a conservation area, or you wish to extend the home without obstructing the aesthetics of your property, then investing in a loft conversion is ideal for adding more space. A loft conversion tends to come in three different styles, a dormer, Velux or a hip to gable, perfect for various different requirements. Professionals such as DJ Moore Lofts who has specialised in loft conversions in Milton Keynes for a number of years can help you to transform your home to add space, value and convenience.

A loft conversion can convert a wasted space into a room of your choosing, whether it be a playroom or a master bedroom. Before you have your loft conversion, it is best to consider what you will be using the room for and whether it will benefit potential buys. For example, if your home only has two rooms, you can convert the loft into a bedroom and add an ensuite to make it more desirable to potential buyers. However, we would advise making your loft conversion into a multi-functional room, giving others the opportunity to convert the room into whatever may suit them. For example, having one large room would mean that buyers have the choice on what they decided to convert the room into. Ideal Home has a range of inspirational ideas for loft conversions, showing you what you can achieve by renovating wasted pace.

Grey Loft Conversion


The first thing a lot of homeowners will do when moving into their new property is to redecorate the rooms to look clean and fresh. A simple coating of paint is a cost-effective way of making a significant difference in the feel of your property. To suit most peoples taste, we would suggest decorating your rooms with white paint, so that any aesthetic can be created through furniture. Patching up cracks and dents in the walls can also make your property more appealing, and can easily be achieved with some plaster filler.

Other things that you should consider patching up and decorating before putting your home up for sale includes:

  • Clearing the gutters
  • Replacing broken doors/cupboards
  • Install new vinyl flooring
  • Change lighting
  • Replace the blinds

You can find more information about redecorating your home and clever ways to make your property more appealing to potential buyers on The Spruce. Alternatively, you can take a look at our previous article for inspiration on how to make a dark room feel lighter, making your home feel welcoming.

Painting Wall White

Be Prepared For Moving Day

There are a whole host of ways you can transform your property to add value, ready for putting it up on the market. Making your home feeling inviting, cosy and luxurious will not only look more appealing to potential buyers but can also add value to your property. The investments that you put into your home will almost always have an impact on the resale price of the property. So, why not transform your home with some of these cost-effective ways to add value to your living experience as well as property price?