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Conservatories made out of glass are incredibly aesthetically pleasing and keep your home bright and airy. They are a fantastic addition not only to increase property value but also build a space that each family member can enjoy. Whether you opt for creating a ‘chill zone’, playroom or even office, building a conservatory will most definitely prove to be a worthwhile investment.

However, unfortunately, due to the extensive use of glass, conservatories are prone to becoming unbearably hot during the summer. Instead of being the relaxing haven you had envisioned, the outside heat takes over, and it can become overwhelming to endure. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can keep your space at a steady, comfortable temperature. Cooled conservatories ensure you can utilise your room all year round, making them the ideal space for enjoying the glorious weather that we have to look forward to!

5 Top Tips For A Cooled Conservatory

Like a greenhouse, your conservatory traps UV and infrared heat radiation. Once inside, the hot air rises and gets trapped under the roof, making your conservatory feel extremely hot and uncomfortable. With this in mind, to ensure that you are capable of making the most out of your investment, you should aim to utilise the ideas mentioned below to keep temperatures cool. In doing this, you can create the perfect place to entertain – particularly when hosting a summer BBQ for friends and family. Everyone will have the opportunity to get involved, even if they would prefer to stay shaded and comfortable in your conservatory.

Having years of experience fitting conservatories in Milton Keynes, we have picked up plenty of great ways in which you can perfectly control the temperature of your space. From simple solutions such as blinds and fans to innovative products such as window film, take a look at our five useful ways to keep your conservatory cool all year round:

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Conservatory Window Film

The sole purpose of conservatory window film is to reduce excess heat and glare from entering your conservatory, making it an excellent idea to begin with!

Windows without a film allow solar light and heat to shine straight into the conservatory. With a film fitted, the solar energy will merely bounce off the outer panes. Based on information featured on ARC Window Films, it is thought that applying films enables the conservatory to reject up to 86% of solar energy, achieving insulation against warmer temperatures.

Made equipped with an adhesive layer, applying the film to the inside of your room couldn’t be more straightforward. To maximise results, the glass must be cleaned and allowed to thoroughly dry; this stops any dust or debris from sticking between the glass and film. Then, the film, usually purchased as a roll, can be placed meticulously into the interior of the conservatory. Your window cleaning squeegee can be used to smooth out any bubbles or imperfections that may have formed during the application process. Once applied, window films require absolutely no maintenance – it’s as easy as that! This works even better when you have double glazing, which can be incorporated into your conservatory design through Crown’s double glazing in Bedford and the surrounding areas.

Conservatory Windows


A significant benefit of conservatories is, of course, the unlimited amount of light that can enter the room; however, this can be problematic due to the excess heat that comes along with it.

In a conservatory, light and heat can enter from almost any angle, including the roof. The best way to tackle this issue without breaking the bank is by having roof blinds fitted. Blinds are a very subtle feature which will not affect the aesthetics of your conservatory and do not have to be on display every day of the year. They can be colour matched to work seamlessly with frame-shades, which will not detract from the views of your garden. Blinds are also very versatile and can be used during the winter to minimise any heat escaping from the room. As roof blinds are a little tedious to get to, many are cleverly equipped with remote-control operations meaning that you can adjust them with ease without having to reach to cords.

As well as roof blinds, side blinds are an excellent investment to not only regulate the temperature in your conservatory but also give it a unique interior. There are many styles to choose from, including roller, vertical, pleated and roman and a variety of colours and designs which will look great in any home. Roman blinds feature a single fabric section that folds neatly around the upper rod, whereas the other variations are multiple slats of a material of your choice.

When considering blind types for your conservatory, it is vitally important to bear in mind the available window space, along with the thickness that you aim to use. For more information on how to choose the best blinds for your conservatory, take a look at Real Homes.

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The key to keeping your conservatory cool during summer is adequate ventilation. Those with a conservatory with lots of windows would most definitely benefit from opening them all up as wide as possible; this will help circulate the airflow and enhance the room’s ventilation. Keeping your door open during the day is also a great way to let air into your conservatory.

If your conservatory has air vents fitted, then the summer is the best time to put them to use. Due to the built-up dirt and debris over the winter months, you may want to consider cleaning air vents before use. Air vents are super easy to clean through the use of a brush to remove loose particles and then a hoover for more tedious sections. Country Living has put together a great guide on how to complete this particular task with ease.

If you do not have air vents, not to worry; instead, consider installing an openable skylight. Unlike fixed skylights, opening skylights will allow you to release the hot air that gets trapped inside your conservatory. Remember, warm air rises, which means that through creating an opening as high as possible, the heat will immediately flee. This improved air circulation will make you will keep your conservatory feeling fresh and avoid any stale or musty smells; therefore, improving the overall air quality.

Open Conservatory Window

Air Conditioning

Although opting to install air conditioning may be a somewhat pricey suggestion, it is absolutely guaranteed to work effectively and is one of the most effective cooling methods available. Some air conditioning units also have added heating systems, which means you can utilise it all year round, making it a fantastic investment that will prove to be excellent value for money in the long-run.

While the ability to achieve successful temperature control in all seasons is the most significant benefit of air conditioning, there are several different ways in which units can improve your conservatory. Thanks to the constant introduction of new technology, air conditioning units are now super easy to use. Almost all modern units can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet via an app. Here you can change the temperature, fan speed and mode (hot or cold air) whenever you want without having to lift a finger! If you’re stuck for inspiration on the best smart air conditioning units, take a look at Toms Guide. Along with ease of use, another great advantage of air conditioning is that it acts as a humidifier, avoiding a build-up of condensation and mould in your conservatory.

If you are keen on the idea of air conditioning, but find the high expense a little offputting, an alternative is solar-assisted air conditioning units. Being solar-assisted, they are ideal for summer months when the sun is out in full force, meaning you will have to pay little in terms of energy bills. Not only are solar-assisted air conditioning units cheaper to run, but they are also so much kinder to the environment, ultimately working towards lowering your home’s carbon footprint. For more ways to make your home more eco-friendly, head over to Architectureal Digest.

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Ceiling & Standing Fans

A ceiling fan will not only cool your conservatory, but it will also reduce energy costs, enhance your room’s style and provide comfort. Keeping windows open while the fan is in operation is vital to ensuring the hot air has an “exit route” and fresh air can be drawn in from the outside. Ceiling fans are available in a variety of styles and colours, so you are guaranteed to find one that will complement your conservatory perfectly. We love the unique ceiling fans featured on Home Designing’s blog post, as they can really add definition and style to the room.

Installing a ceiling fan is a pretty straightforward task to tackle and it can either be completed independently or if you are less confident in DIY, through enlisting the help of an electrician. In some cases, for instance, if you are installing a fan in a place that currently has a light fixture, it is strongly recommended to call a professional. This is because it is more than likely that there will be some new wiring and switches that will need to be fitted to allow the ceiling fan to work safely and effectively. Dummies has put together a helpful guide on everything you need to know about installing a ceiling fan.

On the other hand, standing fans are a great alternative to ceiling fans as they are not a fixed feature and can be moved around your conservatory at your convenience. There are an abundance of standing fan types to choose from, including those that are floor standing, along with others that can be placed on a surface. Currys has a range of standing fans that you can choose from, making it easier to find one that will fit perfectly inside your conservatory.

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Stay Cool & Comfortable

There is nothing worse than feeling hot and bothered in your own home, so keeping cool is essential. Your conservatories prime time is during the summer, so it is vital you use it as much as possible. Whether you opt for one or several of the above suggestions, we guarantee your conservatory will remain an ideal temperature throughout the warmer months.

If you are considering renovating your home through building a conservatory, please feel free to contact Crown Windows. Our specialist team are highly experienced in not only building bespoke conservatories in Buckingham and the surrounding areas, but also equipping the space with finishing touches such as double glazing in Milton Keynes!