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A conservatory is a wonderful addition to any home, able to provide a wealth of additional living space while offering a more straightforward alternative to an extension. Due to their enhanced glazing and spacious atmosphere, they allow plenty of natural light to stream in, making the interior design possibilities endless. Although the plethora of decor options does make the prospect of designing your conservatory incredibly exciting, deciding on your final choice can be somewhat overwhelming. Do you opt for a conventional space to play it safe or go for something a little more unique? To give you a helping hand and inspire your design journey, we have put together a handful of our favourite conservatory use ideas – we guarantee that there will be something for everyone!

Transform Your Home With Our Conservatory Use Ideas

Having spent many years specialising in conservatories in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, we have been lucky enough to work with hundreds of clients, each hoping to put a personal spin on their new space. The beauty of a conservatory is that every aspect can be customised to fit with your lifestyle, creating a functional space that you will adore for many years to come. There are also now a number of different conservatory styles, from the modern lean-to style to a more traditional Victorian-inspired design. This has made it easier than ever to ensure that your build fits with your requirements and property specification. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the following conservatory use ideas and how to incorporate these room types into your interior design:

Modern Conservatory

1. Living Room

By far the most popular use of a conservatory is for a second or larger living room, which is particularly common amongst homeowners with a growing family. It provides plenty of room to spend time together while also giving each member their own breathing space to relax and unwind. The beauty of using your conservatory to accommodate a living room is that it provides direct access to the garden, which is ideal if you regularly host guests. You will be able to sit back and enjoy your new, bright and airy space while looking over the beautiful view of the outdoors.

When opting for transforming your conservatory into a living room, there will be a number of factors that you must consider. The first is how much space you will have to work with, as this will determine whether you have any furniture limitations. For instance, if your conservatory is slightly smaller, then you may have to settle for a few statement armchairs as opposed to a full sofa. This will then allow plenty of space for finishing touches such as a coffee table, storage cabinet, or even a drinks stand.

As the living room is often the hotspot for peace and quiet at the end of a busy day, making the space comfortable will be essential. Generally, conservatories are designed with maximised glazing, which while it looks wonderful, can take away from the cosiness of your room. It is for this reason that we suggest incorporating homely features into your interior design, whether this may be a rug, cushions or a basket filled with snuggly blankets. You may also want to consider fitting blinds or curtains as this will allow more privacy, helping you to block out the outside world when you want to hide away and snuggle up on the sofa. For more handy tips on how to make your living room feel cosier, take a look at the Cate St Hill website.

Cosy Sofa

2. Home Office

With the current climate in mind, the need for a home office has skyrocketed in demand with up to 49% of workers working from home during June alone. This means that while many are likely to be returning to work over the next few months, there is a significant percentage of companies who are choosing to adopt this new way of life.

With this in mind, if you are one of the many who will be transitioning towards remote working or have children who will be studying, then using your conservatory to create a home office would be a worthwhile consideration. In fact, working in an area that is filled with natural light can actually prove incredibly beneficial, and there is no better place for this than a conservatory. Natural light, as we all know, comes alongside a wealth of health benefits, but did you know it can also boost productivity while reducing eye strain and drowsiness? This means that you may find that you begin working more efficiently than ever, simply down to being surrounded by sunshine!

Designing a home office can prove a little tedious as it will be important to create a space that you can differentiate from your personal life. One problem that you many find when working from home is that they struggle with maintaining a steady work-life balance; however, there are many ways that you can prevent this. The first is to try to make the space comfortable but not so comfortable that you could find yourself spending your free time in there. An ergonomic chair, for example, is essential in ensuring that you do not finish your day with aches and pains from sitting uncomfortably. A sofa and TV, on the other hand, may not be the best route as these will cause home and work life to overlap. Toggl Track has put together a great article with more information to help you in designing your home office.

Girl Working From Home

3. Dining Room

For many with a smaller conservatory, a dining room is a sought-after option and is ideal if your space steps out directly from the kitchen. It creates a wonderful area to enjoy during the summer months in particular, when you can open the doors wide and soak in the last hours of the evening sun.

To create a sociable dining room in your conservatory, it will be essential to consider factors such as the roofing, flooring and furniture. We would recommend choosing a solid roof as this will help your space to remain a comfortable temperature all year round, then accompany this with double glazing. There will be nothing worse than throwing a dinner party with loved ones only to discover that your dining area is either too warm or too cold. Through combining a solid roof with efficient windows, you can ensure that your room remains at a steady temperature for a fully functional space. If you are hoping to update your conservatory with new roofing or double glazing in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team are not only FENSA registered installers but also offer a 10-year guarantee on all products installed.

When it comes to choosing your dining room flooring, we suggest shortlisting those that will be super easy to keep clean. Accidents happen, especially when you are hosting guests, so choosing a material that will not soak in spillages will prove hugely beneficial. You also want to choose one that will not become damaged when items are dropped, preventing the need for replacement. Real wood, laminate and vinyl are great options, all of which are available in a host of colours depending on your interior design.

Conservatory Dining Room

4. Playroom

If you have little ones, then you will understand the constant struggle of trying to keep your home tidy and free from a huge pile of toys. It can often feel as if every room has been transformed into a makeshift playroom, making it hard to remember your interior design before the youngest members of the family took it over. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then why not consider converting your conservatory into a playroom? Here the children will have a place that they can really call their own where all of their belongings can be stored away from the main areas of the home.

Should you choose to design a playroom, instead of painting the walls in bright colours or picking quirky flooring, we suggest keeping the foundations of the space neutral. This is because there will come a time where children will outgrow the playroom, meaning that the area will no longer be needed, allowing you to repurpose it for a different room type. Through keeping the main aspects of the conservatory neutral, including the walls, flooring and furniture, you will be future-proofing the area, meaning that there will be no need to redecorate completely.

Keeping the conservatory simple, however, most definitely doesn’t mean that the space needs to lack personality. There are a whole host of decorations that you can include, such as wall art, patterned lampshades and ornaments.


5. Breakfast/Tea Room

Sometimes it feels almost impossible to wake yourself up in the mornings no matter how hard you try, what could be better than enjoying your breakfast in the morning sun?

Renovating your conservatory to create a breakfast room is a fantastic way to put a positive spin on the start of your day, and even better, it can double up as a tea room for socialising with friends and family. This is the perfect choice for those who already have a spacious living room and kitchen, yet are in need of a laid-back area where they can take a step away from daily life for a few moments. It is also ideal if you are somewhat limited in terms of conservatory space as there will be no need to fill your room with bulky furniture. Instead, all you will need is a statement seating area that complements your interior design theme. For instance, if you adore afternoon tea, then choosing an antique-inspired dining table accompanied by delicately designed chairs will make for the perfect spot. Those with a more modern taste, on the other hand, could incorporate a freestanding breakfast bar with contemporary stalls, creating a simple yet classy aesthetic.


6. Utility Room

One conservatory use idea that is a little less common yet can prove incredibly useful is a utility room. If you find that you are happy with the main components of your home yet want to maintain a minimalist appearance, then moving all of the bigger appliances such as the washing machine and dryer to the conservatory would be a worthwhile consideration. This means that they can be tucked away out of sight, helping you to keep your property free from clutter.

Although in the past, utility rooms were often seen as a space that lacked aesthetics, this most definitely needn’t be the case. There are a wealth of design ideas which can transform your utility room into a stylish addition to your home, whether this means integrating smart storage or personalised finishing touches. If you are in need of inspiration, then we suggest heading over to Ideal Home, which features tonnes of ideas on how you can add a chic twist to your utility room.

Utility Room

Creating A Functional Space Has Never Been Easier!

Throughout our many years of installing conservatories in Buckingham and the surrounding areas, we have seen the wealth of possibilities on ways that you can utilise your new space. Whether you opt for designing a room for all of the family to relax or a functional area that makes your life just that little easier, the key is always to put your requirements first. The room must prove practical for many years to come, so keep your lifestyle and needs in mind when shortlisting design ideas.