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Installing new windows on your home can be a big and expensive investment, making research an essential part of purchasing your new home addition. Everything from the material used, the shape of the windows and colour of your window frames can be customised to your style preferences, which while it can be daunting, makes it easier for you to find the perfect products. As it can drastically change the appearance of your home, it is essential to make sure that you install the perfect window colour for your aesthetic as well as the architecture of your property. To lend you a helping hand in this tedious task, we have come up with a few things to consider when choosing colours that best suit your home and will enhance the beauty of your property.

Finding Colours That Best Suit Your Home

Choosing a window colour can be one of the hardest choices that you make when it comes to investing; will you replace your outdated windows with replicas using high-quality and more advanced materials, or will you go for something a little different and striking? There are many things that you will need to consider before taking the plunge, and while you may fall in love with a colour or think that your property only suits a dark tone, you will be surprised how wrong you can be. However, it’s much easier – and cost-effective – to figure out which colours need to be ruled out and which ones will look fabulous before making your decision. Not only do you have to think about the colour, but you will also need to consider the frame style that will look best with the colour option that you choose. Luckily for you, our team are experts in designing and installing windows in Buckingham, so we have a few tricks and tips up our sleeves:

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Don’t Always Follow Trends

Taking a look at trends can be a great way to gather some ideas on window colours and can help to give a more visual representation of what a property will look like with the colour option you choose. For example, dove grey/green window frames are very in fashion at the moment and can look stunning when against a light stone home or cottage. However, this does not necessarily mean that it will be suited to your home, making it important to first establish what colours will look good and what ones won’t. A good indication as to what colour will be best for your property style and the materials used on your property will be to take a look at the homes around your property. If your neighbour has gone for a bright red that looks awful, then you know this is a colour that you definitely want to cross off your list. On the other hand, if a neighbour has white windows and you feel that it makes the home stand out, then why not take a look at the multiple style choices that can enhance a white window.

From brick to stone houses, the colour of windows that suit a house varies depending on the shade of your home. Think about the shades that work in harmony with your property to ensure that your colour choice ages well. This does not mean that you have to settle for lighter tones on a light brick house, and darker tones on a dark brick house, and in fact, you can create a beautiful contrast between the two materials used when opting for a striking and eye-catching colour choice. As colour combinations can drastically transform your property, following a trend can negatively impact and change the appearance of your home, and while the windows themselves may look stylish, when paired with the property it can end up unappealing.

As so much can go wrong when choosing your window colour, our biggest advice is to take a look at how you have styled the interior decor of your home. The colours that you have used will give you a good indication as to what colours you would prefer on the window frames. You should also keep in mind that the inside of the window can be manufactured to be a different colour to the outside frame, meaning that you can choose to have white windows for a fresh and brighter interior and dark windows to match the exterior of your home.

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What Colour Options Are There?

Choosing a colour for your window can be daunting; what shade or tone and how far do you go with it? Consider the effect of each shade on your home; will it make a bold statement, or will it blend in with the rest of the house? Both results depend on your aesthetic and look that goes best with your home. You can match colours together creating a contrast with the inside of the window and the outside. As long as you make sure that you limit your colour palette to cool or warm; this can make your home look traditional on the outside yet modern on the inside.

Darker colours make a bold statement against lightly coloured housing, creating a uniformed, uninterpreted exterior with a well-blended finish. Dark colours are a creative way to make a statement on your home without choosing a vibrant colour. Lighter coloured frames have a different effect on the home as it highlights the windows, therefore making them more of a feature. White frames tend to be more of a traditional choice as they look crisp, whereas darker frames can be interpreted as both modern and stylish or traditional. Grey has also become a popular colour for window frames, and although you should never follow a trend unless it is something you genuinely like the look of, grey is a shade that ages well. There are a variety of different tones that match well with grey, meaning that it is perfect for pairing with any material and colour. Grey is a mixture of hard and soft, keeping an elegant feel to the house.

There are a range of different finishes to emphasise and complement your chosen colour. Using a gloss, matte or textured finish, you can achieve a more distinct appearance despite picking a neutral colour. The texture of the material that you use for the window frames can also have a big impact on the overall look of the home. This means that you are able to make a statement without having to choose a bold colour, keeping it subtle yet stunning.

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Do You Prefer Traditional Or Modern Styles?

The architecture of a traditional home can be considerably different to a modern home, making it important to consider your homes architecture when designing the style and colour of your window frame. Certain window colours look better on traditional homes, and others suit the contemporary architecture. Traditional style buildings tend to lean towards warm colours such as red, yellow, orange and brown. Whereas, modern style homes lean more towards cooler tones such as green, blue, purple and grey.

The materials in which your home has been built with will also greatly impact the colour that you choose for your window frames. For example, traditional homes tend to be built with exposed brick, vinyl siding or have a wooden trim around windows. Taking this into consideration, the colour that you pair with light bricks can transform the look of your home, so be careful not to go too bold with the colour. Subtle colours go best with traditional homes, and with new techniques, you can still have a contemporary home on the inside. Consider a Victorian look with our slide sash windows, giving your traditional home a little bit of character, and don’t forget to get double glazing in Milton Keynes for an old fashioned look with modern protection. Homes that have a stone facade in a dark grey tends to have a more modern look to them. For this reason, it is best to go for a darker coloured window frame so that the colours and tones do not clash with one another.

When thinking about the frame colour, make sure you think about the colour of the inside of the window frame. You want to make sure that your window also matches the interior design of your home. Regardless of what the outside of your house looks like, the inside can be transformed into a design that matches your aesthetic. Using materials such as wood on the inside of your window frame can make it easier to paint if you wish to change the colour when you change your style. White walls with a black window frame can make a statement within a contemporary or a traditional household.

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Create Colour Coherence

Keep the tone throughout the home by owning your colour choice and matching your exterior design with interior features. For example, if you use light greys and light blues on the exterior of your home, then decorate the interior with light colours to create a welcoming and fresh feel. If you go for a neutral colour, then add colour in the interior design of your home or add colour with flowers so that you can change the appearance of your house each season.

Just because neutral colours and tones are good at maintaining a calm and relaxed look to the house, does not mean that you cannot go bold with a vibrant colour. Aluminium and fibreglass windows tend to have the widest range of colour options for you to choose from, making it the best solution for those who want to be brave. Whereas Vinyl windows have warm and cool choices but are usually more limited in colours. The material that you decide to use will determine the colour choices; therefore, you will need to research whether you compromise material for colour.

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Consider Your Environment

Another factor to consider when choosing the colour of your window frame is the environment in which you live. This will have a big impact on the look of your home, and the weather may affect the colour of the window frame. For example, if you live in a dusky and hot location, white colours may be best as it will reflect light, whereas dark colours may crack. Warm areas may also make vibrant colours fade quicker; therefore, light tones may age better. Furthermore, brighter colours will look fresh and cool up against a home made with light materials.

Countryside homes tend to have a rustic appearance, mainly built from wood and stone. Complement these materials with a light framework, possibly even using natural materials like wood to give the home an earthy and natural feel. City homes, on the other hand, tend to be made with brick, make your home stand out from the other terrace houses by making a statement. Use unique colours or dark and bold shades to make your home stand out. The contrast of brick with glossed vibrant colours complement each other to create a stunning modern appearance.

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Choosing Your Window Material

Nowadays, there is more to picking a window than its colour, and you need to think about the style of the window as well as the material that is used. Believe it or not, but the material can have a dramatic impact on how well the colour stands out as well as what colours you are able to use. For example, one of the most popular window materials is uPVC, as it comes with an abundance of benefits, including multiple colour options. In fact, it has one of the most colour options available, making it exceptionally easy for you to find the perfect colour for your home, regardless of how wild your imagination may be. Not only this but unlike its less reliable alternatives such as timber, uPVC requires no painting, meaning that you can enjoy vibrant colours and durability for up to 20 years!

Along with uPVC and aluminium window materials, you can also choose from multiple style options, making it easy for you to find a style that matches your home aesthetically and personally. These include:

If you need a helping hand in choosing your windows, then please feel free to contact our team. With many years of experience in windows, doors and conservatories in Aylesbury, our team are more than happy to advise you on designs that are perfect for your home.

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Now To Choose The Colour

After considering all the possible different colours, shades and tones for your window frames, you may still be stuck on the final decision. Our experience in installing windows in Bedford and windows in Northampton can help you decide on the perfect window frame. Consider the long-term investment when choosing a window colour as it is an expensive project. Choose a colour that ages well and suits your aesthetic as the design of your home says a lot about you.