Patio Doors partner with many advantages, depending on the factors you require from your door. Available in many varieties to meet all the specifications you are looking for when hoping to purchase a Patio Door in Banbury.

Season Suitable

Unlike many other doors on offer, Patio doors are season suitable which is beneficial under any circumstances. This is due to the doors being insulated, which keeps the heat in during cold seasons and still keeps the area cool during the summer. As well as this, Patio doors do not block any natural light from entering your property, which will also decrease electricity bills as lights in the room will not have to be on as long as normal.

Suited to you

All Patio doors can be made to suit the shapes and sizes you require, depending on the size of your assigned area. Measured perfectly by our team of professionals. Also coming in many colours and styles to match your existing styles and colours of other windows or doors. Which gives every customer, more say on what type of patio door they have.

High Security

Every Property owner has worries about the security of their house. These worries should not be any worry if you purchase Patio Doors. As all patio doors include multipoint locking, making your door more secure to reassure you that your door is not the weakness of your security. As another advantage, all doors are also guaranteed to be Robust and Secure which is very reassuring.

Financially Suitable

During this time period, we understand that not everyone is financially stable, which is why Crown Windows Patio Doors are more financially suited to you. As having a patio door will decrease any heating bills whilst also being a great investment when it comes to deciding what door is most suitable for you, with a long lasting guarantee.


I approached Crown Windows as I was looking for Patio Doors in Woburn Sands, They were amazing! All work was completed in such good timings with no hassle and all work was well within budget! Thank you!