What is FENSA?

We can proudly say at Crown windows that we are FENSA approved and our typical service call response time is within 2-5 working days.

FENSA stands for fenestration self-assessment scheme. It was created in response to new building regulations that were introduced in April 2002. FENSA basically means that the fitter you choose are competent in what they do, and their work is backed by a 10-year guarantee.

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The FENSA guarantee applies to the following products:

  • External windows
  • External doors
  • Roof windows
  • Roof lights

It doesn’t cover the following products:

  • Conservatories
  • Porches
  • New builds
  • Extensions
  • Repairs (frame not included)
  • Commercial properties

In order to be FENSA approved, you must meet specific terms that have been implemented by the government; these can be found on the GOV.UK website.

What is a FENSA Certificate?

A FENSA certificate certifies that the products are included in the 10-year guarantee. It will also show the expiry date, the details and number of the company that fitted the products.

Does your fitter need to be FENSA registered?

Anyone could fit your windows. However, when it comes to things like selling your home or making a home insurance claim, the question will be raised regarding FENSA.

If you don’t have a FENSA certificate, it will most likely cost you when you go to make a claim or sell your home.

In the event you are about to have windows or doors fitted and you don’t know who to choose, then our best advice is to look for a FENSA approved fitter who is local to you.

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Why does it help having a FENSA approved certificate from a local company?

Unfortunately in the building world, things can go wrong from time to time. The massive plus side with having someone local to you fitting your windows and doors is there should be no excuses for coming out to fix an issue if they are local. One common grumble is that FENSA fitters, who are working nationwide, may finish your job and a few days later you might have a leak. You call them up and they aren’t in the area for weeks or months. They will be obliged to fix the problem, but they may not get to you as soon as you probably want.

Be careful of sub-contracted fitters

In some instances, especially when it comes to house extensions, you may have a project manager or builder who subs the windows out to an external party. This is fine, as long as you are fully aware of who the fitters are and how contactable they are afterwards if you have any issues.

At Crown Windows, we have a very good reputation with all the popular and commonly used builders in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.
Should you want an independent quote for your windows, doors, conservatory requirements, you can contact us directly and we will happily liaise with your building firm. Alternatively, your builder is very welcome to contact us.

Don’t risk not being FENSA approved and go for the cheapest company unless you fully trust them

In summary, before you even get a quote, always establish early on that the company you are enquiring with are FENSA approved – don’t let anyone tell you it’s not important.

Regarding shopping around for price, our best advice is to not go for the cheapest. If someone is ££££s below the other quotes, you may want to do some extra research on the company first. Look into the following:

  • Do they have pictures of past jobs?
  • Do they have local reviews?
  • Are they part of industry schemes, where they quality control reviews?
  • How long has the company in question been established for?
  • Have you seen them around before working on other projects?
  • Do they have a social media presence with regular postings and reviews?
  • Do you trust the salesman?
  • Are the company relatively local? Nationwide companies can sometimes be difficult to contact if and when you have issues.
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