Combination Conservatory

At Crown Windows we offer a variety of Combination Conservatories to suit every home, from detached, semi to terraced. Below are just a few examples of Combination Conservatories we have recently fitted for some of our happy customers. If you see any examples that you like, just let us know via our contact form and we can give you a free no obligation quote.

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About The Combination Conservatory

The combination conservatory is probably the most versatile conservatory type. You can significantly increase your options by adding two conservatory types such as the victorian and a lean-to section along the house wall. Edwardian and Gable-ended is most people’s preferred choice for a combination conservatory.

By combining two conservatory types you can create a multifunctional conservatory with an abundance of space that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

Putting two conservatory styles together often creates a P shaped conservatory which is really popular and most people’s preference, however, it’s always worth having a chat with one of our experts. By talking to someone that specialises in the design of combination conservatories, you can get the proportion size right for the conservatory of your dreams with a bespoke design that will visually compliment your home.

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