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Looking to level up your house? Bay windows are a great place to start. Classy and homely, this architectural feature floods your rooms with natural light whilst maximising space. From cosy lounging areas to intelligent storage solutions, bay windows perfectly combine practicality and style. Made popular in the Victorian era, bay windows are just as common in today’s builds as in the 19th century. This timeless charm will wow your guests and move you one step closer to your perfect home. Take a look at these bay window ideas and get inspired to take on your own renovation project.

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Bay Windows Ideas: Get Inspired

Still in need of some convincing? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite bay window ideas so you can get inspired and transform your space. From quiet reading nooks to tech-friendly office setups- with bay windows, the options are endless. Each bay window in your house can perform a different function, so why not consider implementing a few of these ideas?

Bay Window Function Ideas

The first step in planning your bay windows is to understand how you’ll use them. Picture yourself in your dream bay window setup. What can you see? What are you doing? What’s around you? These questions are essential to establish how you want to use your space. For some clarity, here are some of our favourite bay window functions.

Create A Dining Space

Dining Space

Whether you’re after a sunny morning coffee or dinner with a view, this dining setup makes fantastic use of the space created by your bay windows. Ideal for hosting guests or getting the family together for a weeknight mealtime, this design is a real crowd-pleaser. Match your dining table with the natural curve of your windows to create the most stylish dining area. These oval dining tables from Oak Furniture Superstore are sure to complement your space.

Fill It With Plants

This could be the dream use of your bay windows for the budding botanists among you. Greenery has never been more popular in interior design, and this use of space is sure to brighten up any home. With plenty of natural light, your houseplants will thrive between your windows. If you want to bring the outside in, try experimenting with plants of different heights and layers. Be sure to pick out houseplants that thrive in direct sunlight, as some won’t handle the heat.

Make A Workspace

If you’re a workaholic, you’ll love nothing more than to transform your space into the ideal working-from-home setup. Natural light is great for your body’s internal clock and will help you maximise productivity. Add some sheer panel curtains or blinds to reduce screen glare and boost the style of your new office.

Create A Reading Nook

This is a bookworm’s dream! Wrapped up in countless blankets, losing yourself in your favourite book whilst the world goes by outside. This design takes comfort to the extreme by creating a cushioned capsule sheltered from the elements. Consider adding some shelving so you can dip in and out of your chosen books whenever you please.

Build Some Storage Seating

If saving space is your priority, why not create a multifunctional seating area surrounded by your bay windows? With this design, you get the comfort of a cosy seated area, along with plenty of hidden storage to declutter your home. Take a look at these storage ottomans and pick out one that slots into your space with ease.

Bay Window Curtain Ideas

Having picked out a function for your bay windows, you’ll want to make the most of them by nailing how you style them. When done right, bay windows are a beautiful addition to any room, but dressing them well can be a tough task. Let’s look at some super-effective designs to understand what might work for you.

Single Curtains For Less Hassle

If you’d prefer a simple and fuss-free look, light muslin or linen curtains will create privacy without blocking out the light. In rooms like the bedroom, where total darkness is occasionally necessary, blackout materials will ensure a better night’s sleep. Curtains are also the ideal screen for storage or desk areas within your bay windows, keeping the room clutter-free.

Curtains At Each Panel To Match Your Windows

Fitting curtains around the curves and bends of bay windows is often tricky. Therefore, many opt to hang curtains at each frame instead. Not only does this allow for a sophisticated look focusing on the bay, but it also allows for more control over the room’s light levels. This option allows for greater flexibility when it comes to design too. Why not try experimenting with alternate curtains for each window frame?

Curtains And Shutters For Best Of Both Worlds

If you’re looking to combine style and practicality, this is the design for you. Offering greater privacy, the shutters combine expertly with the curtains to create a subtle layered look. Go for contrasting colours if you’ve got a bold look in mind, or stick to a similar palette for a complementary look.

Bay Window Blind Ideas

Blinds offer a practical and stylish alternative if curtains aren’t cutting it. Excellent for adjusting the light levels in your room and perfectly measured to your window frames, blinds are equally as effective when it comes to complementing your bay windows.

Roman Blinds For Perfect Cover

Roman blinds allow you to cover the entire glass pane, ensuring no gaps at the edges. These blinds pair excellently with plain curtains for stylish layering and colour contrast. While offering excellent light-blocking ability, Roman blinds make the most of the bay window’s natural light potential when completely opened.

Shutters For Maximum Privacy

Window shutters are highly effective at covering a window entirely with precision. Not only do shutters look fantastic, but they also offer plenty of practical benefits compared to blinds and curtains. Alongside offering greater privacy, they’re low maintenance and reduce external noise. When used to dress bay windows, the frames are made to fit each panel, meaning maximum light control.

Patterned Panels For A Statement

Why not dress your window panes with a bold pattern that enhances the surrounding decor? The same design can be integrated into cushions or upholstery to unite the entire space. In the room above, similar patterns are used for the wallpaper, blinds, and cushions to create a perfectly synchronised space.

Venetian Blinds For Flexibility

Venetian Blinds

A cheaper alternative to shutters but similar in style, Venetian blinds allow for increased freedom of movement. These blinds can be tilted, raised or lowered to adjust the light level and privacy for any room. Their sleek style allows the frames of the bay windows to be the star of the show.

Bay Window Seat Ideas

For the best seat in the house, you need to ace the design of your bay windows. From colour tones to materials, there’s plenty to consider when constructing your dream window seat. These ideas combine an eye for detail with craftmanship to produce window seats fit for a king.

Built-in Bay Window Seat

This is the most common seat design for bay windows, and for good reason. It maximises the space available with style and often allows for storage beneath the seating area. This style allows you to surround yourself with natural light and outdoor views while enjoying your morning coffee or losing yourself in a book.

Pair Of Window Seats

For a slightly more sociable style, this pair of accent chairs allows two people to enjoy the space your bay windows provide. An excellent design for those who love hosting, this space is a real crowd-pleaser and among the easiest to implement.

Sofa Bay Window Seat

Adding a sofa to the space your bay windows provide can make the room feel much larger. A comforting and homely touch, this style is ideal for families looking to snuggle up in front of the TV. Alternatively, an armchair will provide a similar effect for smaller bay windows. Add a footstool for maximum relaxation!

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Get Building!

From function to fabrics, there’s a lot to consider when planning your dream bay windows. That said, bay windows will be a showpiece addition to your home and add value to any property. They’re among the first things guests and prospective buyers will notice when approaching the house and can add considerable curb appeal.

If you’re looking to bring your ideas to life, get in touch with us at Crown Windows. We’ll walk you through each step of the building process so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality bay windows.

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