About This Project

In order to get prepared for the cold winter months ahead, a couple contacted us for help. After noticing a slight draft, they realised that their home wasn’t as insulated as they first thought. After being recommended by a friend, they decided Crown Windows were the right company to go with due to being specialists in double glazing in Milton Keynes.

It was important to the couple that we kept the large windows, which let plenty of natural light into the home. After inspection, it was clear that the double glazing needed restoring. Therefore, the team at Crown Windows decided that the best route would be to schedule a full feature glazing replacement. This would remove all the drafts entering through the feature window, and modernise the overall look of the property.

What We Did

The feature window was the main focal point of the property, which meant that the new glazing needed to reflect well on the client’s home. We opted for keeping the dark panels to create an element of sophistication and complement the red brickwork. The client mentioned in their consultation that they often used to the large window to admire the views from their garden, so it was imperative that the installation was completed correctly and professionally.

Due to the size of this installation, Crown Windows had to ensure they had the correct amount of people on site to help with this large window replacement. Through our excellent organisation, the installation was completed in a matter of days. The client was blown away with how quick the team were in and out, as well as the overall finish of the project. The beautiful dark panelled windows, let plenty of light into the home while keeping the heat in. The new, double glazed windows ensured that the property was well-ventilated, as well as insulated, which will help the client to save money on their energy bills by minimising wasted heat.

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Customer Feedback

“The transformation of our new feature window is incredible! We just love the colour of the frames up against our home. It lets in so much light and keeps the heat in. It’s just perfect!”

Mrs Youngs