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Before the lockdown, the team at Crown Windows were contacted by a lovely client who was experiencing problems with their existing conservatory. As the conservatory was designed with a glass roof, they found that it was becoming tricky to keep the space at a comfortable temperature. Not only did the glass roof mean that the room became unbearably hot in the summer, but it was also too cold to relax in during the winter. This resulted in the family using the conservatory less and less as it was no longer an enjoyable space to spend time in.

A conservatory with an inconsistent temperature is an issue that we have seen hundreds of times and remains one of the most common reasons for a replacement. However, in many cases, unless a client is positive that they want to invest in a new space, there is a more affordable, yet just as effective, alternative solution. Opting for replacing glass roofing with a guardian tiled roof will not only mean that the conservatory will stay your desired temperature, but it will also allow the space to be used more efficiently. So, with this in mind, having explained the wealth of benefits that a guardian tiled roof would bring, our client went ahead with this route.

What We Did

To begin the installation of the guardian tiled roof, the existing roofing system needed to be removed entirely before being recycled. Once we had a blank canvas to work from, we fitted timber add-on to the conservatory. As this clients conservatory was filled with only windows instead of any brick walls, this add-on was secured to the top of the window frames. Next, an aluminium beam is fitted onto the timber, along with aluminium framework and stainless steel fixings in the shape of the new roof, which provides a sturdy base for the tiles.

One of the most beneficial qualities of guardian tiled roofs is their ability to insulate the space so to ensure this; we installed timber battens underneath the metal framework, which would be the home for the insulation. Timber ply was then fitted to the outside of the framework before the guardian waterproof membrane is layered on top, as well as stone-covered roof shingles. Lastly, we completed the project by adding all of the finishing touches, such as flashings and cappings, which were tailored to the style of the client’s property. As you can see from the before and after photos below, this new addition makes a huge difference in the appearance of the home and now means that the client can use their conservatory all year round.

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Customer Feedback

“We are absolutely thrilled with our new conservatory roof and cannot believe how much of a difference it makes! After so many years of never being able to use our conservatory, we now have a beautiful space that we can relax in. A huge thank you to the team at Crown for being so helpful, friendly and reliable – we couldn’t have asked for more from them!”

Mr & Mrs Jennings