About This Project

A couple contacted Crown Windows wanting to replace their front door that they have had for over three years, which was their when they first moved into their property in Milton Keynes.

Their original door was old fashioned, wore out and was letting in a large draft which echoed throughout the home. After noticing a gradual increase in their heating bill, the couple thought it was about time to upgrade the entrance into their home.

After researching online, Crown Windows was the couple’s choice due to reliability, reputation and fantastic customer service. They contacted the team and arranged a free consultation within days.

What We Did

After a visit from the Crown Windows team, it was decided that one of our state of the art composite door installations was the best option to modernise the couples home. Due to its heavy security and its reputation to stand the test of time, this was the perfect door to fit with the customer’s requirements.

The couple loved the vast colour pallet they had to choose from, as well as the modern features that could be installed with their door of choice. The couple decided to go with a darker colour, with a long window placed down the middle. This matched the modern style of their home, as well as adding a touch of sophistication. The couple also felt completely safe in their home, due to the sturdiness and the large lock system installed.

Multiple Colours & Ranges to Choose From

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Our Process


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Customer Feedback

“We just can’t thank Crown Windows enough for their help and professionalism throughout our whole door installation. We are delighted with the finished door!”

Mr and Mrs Hounds