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With over 20 years of experience amongst our experts, we have become specialists in supplying and installing premium double glazing in Ampthill.

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Specialists in UPVC Double Glazing in Ampthill

Our specialists in aluminium and UPVC double glazing in Ampthill possess extensive experience and have undergone expert training by leading bodies. This ensures their knowledge is not only vast but also refined to perfection! When choosing to work with us, you guarantee a project completed swiftly with limited hassle and stress, which is bound to elevate your property from 10 to 100 in no time.

Your journey starts with an innovative and helpful design consultation, which helps you to outline your visions. We offer an extensive range of products with multiple finishes, materials and colours to tailor our help precisely to your expectations. Contact us now to book a date which works around your schedule!

Specialists in UPVC Double Glazing in Aylesbury

Our Double Glazed Windows Are Tailored To You

The team at Crown Windows understand that it can be challenging to get the outcome of your project to match exactly what you initially imagined; however, experts have skilfully curated a range of products to bring your decisions to life and precisely the way you planned. No matter your needs, our team always take the time to work alongside you and tailor a solution directly to your conditions to bring you the best double glazed windows in Ampthill.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & TurnWindows

Extremely resourceful, seamless and sleek, these versatile windows skilfully offer multiple opening options, all with one straightforward, smooth motion for maximum functionality.

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Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding SashWindows

These timeless windows intertwine traditional, charming elements with a twist of modern allure to offer functionality with aestheticism. They utilise one or more moveable panels that slide past each other for vertical movement.

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Georgian Windows


Classic yet captivating Georgian windows effortlessly capture the originality of the past whilst still providing you with current standards and criteria. They have a sash window like mechanism to allow for adjustable ventilation and movement.

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Casement Windows


Elevate your living space with our stylish and functional casement windows. Combining practical functionality with energy efficiency, these windows are attached by one or more hinges at the side of its frame and typically open outward like a door for easy operation.

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Lead Windows


Lead windows effortlessly merge sophistication with classiness and allure through their timeless charm and ability to enhance the atmosphere of the entire space they are in.

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5/5 Star Rated Double Glazing Company in Ampthill

Our double glazing company in Ampthill always ensure that we withhold our 5/5 star ratings from our previous customers and deliver the exact same service and quality to every client we work with. Our purpose and passion are driven by the amazing customer feedback and ratings we get!

Genuine Pricing

Our professionals constantly ensure that you are provided with detailed quotes to outline every aspect of your project. We ensure that we are completely transparent with you about our pricing and that you are always entirely informed.

Exceptional Standards

Due to our commitment and passion, our double glazing in Ampthill sticks to exceptional standards every time and adheres to all safety standards to guarantee you are provided with stylish products that not only keep you safe but are also highly reliable.

Proud Reputation

Our double glazing projects in Ampthill consistently achieve outstanding success, contributing to our strong and pride-worthy reputation. This reflects our relentless dedication to delivering solid and helpful services to each of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much mess will be left after installing double glazed windows?

Our dedicated team of professionals, now complete experts in double glazing in Ampthill, guarantee a clean departure with no mess left behind. We prioritise minimising any disruption or inconvenience for our clients, so we promptly resolve any issues immediately for a hassle-free experience.

Does double glazing block harmful uv rays?

Yes, double-glazed windows block most harmful UV rays, although some will still get through. However, these are the least harmful type and will only result in you getting tanned or burnt after excessive exposure.

How long does double glazing last?

Double glazing typically lasts about 20 years but varies from 10 to 35 years based on the quality of the job. Our specialists in double glazing in Ampthill can ensure that our products are of the highest quality and have incredible longevity to help keep your mind at peace for many years.

How much money will i save?

This depends on which double glazed windows you go for; with our double glazing in Ampthill, you will likely save around £200 when switching from old single glazed windows!

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