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Installing new windows in your home can be a significant investment, so it is essential to be well-informed about your options before you make a choice. From the material used to the shape and colour of your window frames, many decisions must be made, which can make the process somewhat daunting. But don’t panic! In this guide, we will unlock our secrets to shortlisting window frame colours, helping you choose a timeless shade that showcases the best features of your home.

Finding Window Frame Colours That Suit Your Home

When replacing outdated windows, do you recreate the original design with higher-quality materials or go bold with a brand-new look? With so many captivating shades to choose from, it can feel impossible to begin narrowing down your options.

Much like any house renovation, updating your window frames takes much consideration. For example, while you may fall in love with a shade, does it suit the aesthetic of your home? Does it match your door and porch well, or will you also have to replace these?

Having spent more than 20 years specialising in windows, doors and conservatories in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas, we have helped thousands of clients to pair their homes with long-lasting products. We’re always here to offer guidance on finding the perfect colour, style and materials, but for now, let’s take a closer look at the following:

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4 Things To Consider When Choosing Colours

Choosing a colour for your window frames can be overwhelming. With so many possible options, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are some things to consider to help you narrow down your options:

Your Desired Home Aesthetic

What effect do you want your window frame shade to have on the appearance of your home? Do you want to make a bold statement with rebelliously bright or contrasting window frames, or do you want them to compliment the rest of the exterior subtly? Asking yourself these questions should help you better understand the sort of colour you should go for. It would help if you also considered the style and era of your house and whether your desired colour will take away from its aesthetic. Traditional and redbrick houses tend to suit neutral earth tones, while modern homes may look best with grey-toned shades. Blacks and whites are often a suitable option for either.

Dark or Light?

The big question regarding window frame colours is which side of the spectrum to go for. White and black are perhaps the two most desired window frame colours, but their versatility can make it difficult to know which one to opt for. Both colours are timeless and can suit almost any house, so they are both a safe option; it ultimately resides to personal taste.

Darker frame shades can look extremely elegant and make a bold statement, particularly against lightly-coloured houses. Lighter frames can help make a home feel brighter and more open, with a crisp and clean appearance while leaving the focus on the rest of the exterior.

If you can’t pick a side, you can always perfect your desired look with grey window frames. These are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why! With an infinite choice of shades between black and white, you can pick something with the perfect balance of drama and subtlety while sticking with a neutral tone that pairs well with any colour.

Neighbouring Colours

A good indication of the window frame colours that could suit your property style is the colour choices made for similar homes nearby. If your neighbour has gone for a hideously garish bright red which has people grumbling, you know what to avoid! On the other hand, if white windows are a popular choice in your area, that’s good evidence to support their suitability for your property.

Your Environment

Depending on your location, the weather may affect the window frame’s colour and condition. If you live in a hot area, white colours are preferable as they will reflect light and heat away from your house, keeping it fresh and cool. Meanwhile, darker colours absorb heat, potentially causing your frame to crack. Dark colours are also more prone to fading due to UV rays, making light shades the better option for those living in countries with high UV exposure.

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3 Tips To Avoid Making A Mistake

Your window frames are an investment and something that will likely be part of your home for several decades. These tips should help you avoid making the costly mistake of choosing something you’ll regret.

Don’t Always Follow Trends

Looking at current window frame colour trends is a brilliant way to gather inspiration and develop an idea of what you like and don’t like, especially because it offers a visual representation of how certain window frame colours affect the look of a property. However, it is important not to get caught up in chasing a trend: things rapidly come in and out of fashion, and the colour of the moment this year may become unsightly in the next. Not to mention that while a less-traditional colour choice may perfectly complement one property, it could turn the next into a massive eye-sore!

It is essential to ensure that your colour choice is something you’ll stand by beyond its time in the spotlight of the trend cycle. You can digitally edit a photo of your house to test the look of a certain window frame colour and see if it genuinely suits your property before you commit.

Colour Palettes

Sticking to a cool or warm colour palette is a useful guideline to achieve your desired look without causing an eye sore. This will allow you to choose a less traditional colour for your frames while maintaining a cohesive look. Consider a red brick house: while earthy brown or green frames beautifully complement the muted orange-red bricks, mint or bright green frames create a much more contrasted- some might say garish- look. For some inspiration on complementary colour palettes, visit Colour Hunt.

Don’t Forget The Interior

Taking a look at your home’s interior decor can give you a good idea of the look you may want to achieve with your window frames. It is crucial to consider that the frames will also be visible from the inside, so the colour you choose for them must also work with your home’s interior.

Our team can fit windows with different frame colours on the interior and exterior, allowing you the best of both worlds with a bright and fresh interior and elegant dark exterior frames to match the rest of the house. Check out this article by This Old House for some coloured interior frame inspiration.

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Window Colour Ideas

Whether you want to go for a bold, bright shade or a classic colour scheme, there are many colours to choose from. Here are some of the most popular amongst our clients:

  • Classic White: A prevalent colour, white signifies sterility and cleanliness; for a minimalist home, we recommend opting for this colour. In Feng Shui, the absence of colour in white represents a blank slate and signifies clarity and completion, so if you want to welcome a sense of productivity into your home, we recommend opting for this shade. You could even experiment with an off-white for your windows for a modern and neutral feel.
  • Earthy Green: Whether you’re going for a modern or country feel to your home, this colour provides a twist on a bright, bold colour that is perfect for any home. Opting for a more earthy and muted tone of green can create a peaceful and tranquil feeling in your home. Following the beliefs of Feng Shui, green is believed to be a natural and therapeutic colour which encourages healing in your home if using it for your windows.
  • Rich Brown: A luxurious, dark brown would be perfect for a home wanting to exert a sense of indulgence yet serenity; this shade is ideal for any aesthetic! It is thought to represent stability, self-care and grounding, so if this is what you need in your home, why not opt for a darker brown for your window frames? For a lighter, contemporary home, a softer, earthier shade of brown would be just as captivating, exerting a sense of calmness and warmth.

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Window Frame Colour FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions surrounding window frame colour:

Will Grey Windows Suit My House?

Short answer, yes! With the variety of shades of grey available as window frame colours, you can certainly find one to suit your house. We recommend darker greys for a more dramatic look, which can work with dark and light exteriors alike. Lighter greys are perfect for a gentler look that still contrasts white walls.

What Is The Best Window Colour For Stone Houses?

The answer to this question depends on your desired look. White frames work beautifully to brighten the appearance of stone houses, while black frames can elegantly modernise homes built with this traditional material. If you’re after something a little more exciting, muted, earthy tones complement stone beautifully. Consider the colour of your bricks: cooler-toned beige houses look stunning with window frame colours such as sage green or a light grey-blue. Meanwhile, classic red brick houses better suit warmer frame colours, such as beige or even green beige. For more information on choosing window frame colours for stone houses, visit this article by Maria Killam.

How Are Window Frames Coloured?

Traditionally, window frames have been made of wood which is then stained or painted the desired colour. The results of this are very aesthetically pleasing but, unfortunately, high-maintenance and prone to cracking, rotting and termite infestation. Our team of experts use uPVC window frames, which require no painting and are far more durable than their wooden counterparts, providing you with vibrant colours for several decades! We can customise the colour and finish of our window frames using the process of foiling, with which we can achieve a beautiful wood grain texture, without the maintenance costs of real wood frames.

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The Best Window Colour For Your Home

Whether you have decided on a window frame colour already and are ready to have your new windows installed or need some advice to make your final decision, our highly experienced team is ready to help.

As specialists in double glazing in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas, we have designed and installed thousands of coloured frames for both windows and conservatories. We would happily guide you through your journey from concept to completion. Feel free to contact our team today to book your free design consultation!