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Installing new windows around the house can be a hefty investment, especially when opting for windows that have a lot of design and are high in quality. Whether you are going for a simplistic tilt and turn window or a stunning statement Georgian window, we would always suggest incorporating double glazing. There are several benefits of double glazing, all of which you can take advantage of for many years to come due to their long life span. So, if you’re having new windows installed, here are some of the many reasons you should opt for double glazing.

Benefits Of Double Glazing: Second To None

Double glazing has become extremely popular in recent years, with many homeowners swapping out their single-glazed windows with new and improved advanced designs. Traditionally, older homes were designed with single-glazed windows, which while they were advanced for their time, now no longer serve their purpose, making the home feel cold, drafty and outdated in appearance.

Double glazed windows have two panels of glass that have been separated by a thin layer of air or gas. Typically, double glazed windows are filled with argon gas, which is beneficial due to its ability to retain heat. Because air and noise has to travel through both panels of glass as well as the gas chamber, you are provided with an abundance of benefits that single-glazed windows do not offer. Some of these benefits include the following:

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1. Reduced Energy Bills

Although double glazed windows may be a costly investment at first, they can provide you with considerable savings in the future. This is because double glazed windows offer you a layer of insulation, which is perfect for keeping the cold outside and the warm air inside. You are, therefore, able to reduce the heating in your home, reducing your energy bills over time.

According to an article published by Assets Publishing, 18 per cent of heat is lost through the windows, and homeowners can take advantage of up to £155 in savings on energy bills when installing double glazing. If you are living in a new build home, then you are most likely to have a window that has been rated C- or above, whereas older homes could be rated E. The government has placed ratings on windows to ensure that new homes are fitted with reliable, durable and effective windows. The ratings range from A++ (the most efficient) to E (the least efficient), and will depend on what type of window you would like to have fitted, whether it be single, double or even triple-glazed windows. It is important to ensure that your windows have high quality guaranteed, of which you can achieve by enlisting in the help of Crown Windows. Feel free to speak to the Crown Windows team today about having double glazing in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

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2. Reduces Noise Pollution

If your home is beside a busy road, noisy construction site or near a school, you may want to invest in some double glazing for your windows to benefit from their noise reduction qualities. The reason double glazing is able to provide you with better noise insulation than single-glazing is because the noise has further to travel through two glass panels and the gas.

One misconception that some companies will tell clients is that their windows are soundproof. This is a false claim as double, and even triple glazed windows are not fully soundproof, and can only provide you with a certain amount of sound reduction. Having said that, other than placing bricks where the windows are, double glazing is the next best option for reducing the noise coming in and out of the home.

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3. Stops Dampness and Condensation

If you find that your window has a bit of little condensation on the inside, this means that the air in the house is warmer than the window. By the window being cooler, moisture droplets form, which can cause dampness that could potentially be fatal not only to the window frames but also to your health.

Double glazed windows reduce the risk of condensation due to the two panels. The panel on the inside of the home should remain the same temperature as the air inside the property; this will reduce the risk of condensation and the damages that come with it. This will make it easier to maintain, and less likely to cause severe, unrepairable damage.

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4. Increases Security

Much to many of our client’s surprise, double glazed windows are significantly safer than single glazed windows. This is because it is harder for burglars to break the glass, and it is more likely for them to break the outside panel than the whole thing. Double glazing can provide you with the peace of mind that your family is able to sleep safe and sound. You can increase your security even further by opting for laminated or toughened glass, along with locking systems, which reduces the risk of someone being able to release hatches or pull the window away from the frame attached to the wall.

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5. Adds Value

Making any improvement on your home will be beneficial in terms of the property price. Homebuyers are looking for properties that they are going to have to do little to no work on when they move in. For this reason, double glazed windows will assure potential buyers that they are able to ensure the benefits of better insulation, reduced noise and even better security.

According to This Is Money, homes now cost an average of 9.4 per cent more than they did last year. Not only does this mean that buyers are now looking for properties that are going to give them everything that they need from the get-go, but it also means that you are going to have to make your property stand out from the crowd. Double glazing increases your property value by around 10 per cent. This, therefore, means that if you brought your property over a year ago, you could benefit from around a 19.4 per cent investment simply by changing the windows on your property.

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6. Reduces Interior Damage

Something that you may not have considered is the fact that your windows may be increasing the chances of interior damage. With single glazed windows on your property, you run the risk of your furniture and even flooring discolouring due to the extensive sunlight. Double glazing, on the other hand, reduces the amount of UV rays that come through the window and into the property. While this does not affect the temperature of your property, allowing you to heat up your home naturally, it ensures that your interior furniture is less likely to be damaged by the fluctuations in weather.

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7. Easy Maintenance

It is a common misconception that double glazing windows are hard to manage and clean. Although you will still have to keep up with cleaning to avoid dirt and debris build-up, its ability to reduce the likelihood of condensation makes them extremely easy to maintain. Double glazing windows are an investment for the future, due to their easy maintenance, making them appear just as new in ten years time as when you first had them installed.

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8. Betters Appearances

Particularly on older properties, the windows can become outdated in terms of appearance; this can be the result of several things. For example, natural damage due to sunlight and rain can cause cracking, mould and fading. Other factors such as lack in maintenance can also have a significant impact, making it extremely important to keep on top of window cleaning when you have your new windows installed. Good Housekeeping has some easy ways for you to clean windows, ensuring that you achieve a seamless finish every time.

Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can add your own personal style to double glazed windows, while also ensuring that they match with the rest of your property. Windows come in various different shapes, sizes and designs, making it easy to find one best suited to your aesthetic. Georgian style windows give the home that added element of character, particular for new builds that need a little extra style to incorporate modern with traditional. Casement windows are ideal for creating a modern and sophisticated appearance, allowing you to maximise on natural sunlight while also including an element of design with the thick vertical and horizontal beams.

Not only can the design beautifully compliment your home, but you are also able to choose a wide variety of different colours. Depending on the material that you use, you can find a colour that perfectly matches you and your property. For example, wood window frames are ideal for those that may want to change up the colour of their windows according to the season, or when the trends change. Whereas, uPVC window frames are ideal for those that wish to incorporate a window that requires little to no maintenance and look flawless even in later years. UPVC windows come in various colours, so you can either make a statement or stay neutral, allowing you to add some style through the interior furnishings of the home.

If you are unsure about what colour window frame would best suit your property, then take a look at our previous article. Alternatively, please feel free to contact the team to start planning your double glazing installation. Our professional and friendly team are more than happy to discuss the range of options available and which window would suit your home.

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Reap The Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows

From being a cost-effective solution to improving the exterior appearance of your home, there are many reasons as to why double glazing is an essential part of home renovation. There are several ways that you can incorporate double glazing into your home, and you are never short of styles and designs to suit you and your properties needs and requirements. For some extra window inspiration, why not take a look at some of these stunning window images on Pinterest.